President Joe Biden’s Remark That “Indians Are Taking Over The USA” Is SCARY On So Many Fronts & Levels.

by Anura Guruge

Featured image (above) from the U.K. “Daily Mail”. (click to access)

Click to ENLARGE. From the “New York Post”. Yes, not the most astute statement made by a President.

On YouTube.

Even by Joe Biden’s standards this was a DOOZY! What a thing to say right now. This is the WORST NIGHTMARE of Trump supporters. ‘Brownies‘, ‘Pakies‘, ‘Nappy Heads‘ running their beloved country. Ruling over them. Oh, JOE! Why did YOU blurt this out.

That, first & foremost, is my main concern — given that I am brown (& ALAS look like an Indian (though I always tell people I am not good-looking enough to be an Indian) & 120% mistaken to be Indian. There will be backlash. There will be resentment. Oh, Joe!

What Joe said is, in reality, true. Google, Microsoft & IBM, three high tech behemoths, are NOW run by IBM & there are many more. Yes, Indians are taking over, BUT they still have a long way to go.

Biden saying what he said today does not help.

Not too many non-Indians know Indians to the extent I do. I have ‘lived’ in India. I have known Indians all my life. I LOVE Indians, BUT …

Indians …

The USA run by Indians …

India run by Indians?

Let me say that again, the USA run by Indians!

Luckily, I am OLD enough that I will not live to see that. My kids though will. And I have ….

Enough said, for NOW.

Read between the lines of what I am telling YOU.

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by Anura Guruge

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