“Rowen”, Our Newfies, First Easter.

by Anura Guruge

Water does not scare her, BUT she is still curious.

Will NOT drink from streams or lakes! Will sniff it … will pee in it, BUT will not drink. Only drinks from bowls or from a hose. That will sure change.

125-days old. That is 4-months & 5-days. Getting big. We have had her just over 9-weeks. She has changed our lives! Great dog. Lot of fun.

Forget what folks tell you about Newfies. She has become a GREAT walking dog. She, furthermore, enjoys her walks now that she has got it figured. Walks 4-miles with me every morning. She is FINE. She is getting STRONG.

So, why don’t I post more pictures of her. It is very difficult for I to get pictures of her! She is always so close to me. If I stop she is all over me. Standing up. Same at home. So, I have to rely on others.

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by Anura Guruge

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