My Suspicions That ‘Amazfit’ (Per Their Usual MO) Most Likely Rushed The Availability Of The New ‘T-Rex Pro’ Smartwatch Appear To Be Vindicated.

by Anura Guruge

Click here to read the entire ‘GSM Arena‘ review of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

Click image to access my March 25, 2021 post.

I really do despair of Amazfit. They remind me of a 4-year old kid. Just headstrong, impetuous & still immature. They just don’t seem to learn, & worse still just don’t seem to want to learn.

This is not the first time they rushed out a watch way before it was ready. They don’t seem to care. It is true that given their cheap pricing they attract a large customer base of unsophisticated, undemanding users. That is what they rely on. Most of those that NOW buy Amazfit watches are in third-world countries. They are not that fussy. Amazfit banks on that. Shoddy goods for folks that are used to shoddy goods.

Shame. The T-Rex Pro like some of Amazfit’s prior watches, in particular the Verge that promised so much, could have been amazing IF Amazfit took the time & care to test it all out prior to rushing it out.

Well, I am GLAD I have decided to stay well clear of Amazfit watches. I do NOT appreciate rubbish.

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by Anura Guruge

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