‘XPO’, Today, Finally Delivered Shipment From Lowe’s, & Moreover, Tries To Make Amends.

by Anura Guruge

Two totally futile calls to their offshore call-center on Friday night. Then 3 calls on Saturday — two of them to Lowe’s. Lowe’s was frustrated & sympathetic. They even tried to see if they could do an ‘Emergency Load‘ on Sunday. To see if that was possible they wanted me to call the local freight manager, at the Gilford (N.H.) store, at 7a.m.! That is early. He assured us that he couldn’t do it on Sunday because he didn’t have a truck big enough but he would make sure we would get our delivery on Monday morning — first thing.

On Sunday night (@ 8.05pm) & Monday morning (@ 7am) we received automated calls from XPO citing a Monday morning delivery between 7:30am & 11am. That was more promising than the 4pm to 8pm claim on Friday.

The truck, with a forklift, did show up shortly after 7:30am.

It was NOT a XPO truck nor driver. It was a 3rd party company called ‘Viper‘. They contract to XPO.

The driver was very nice. He knew exactly what had happened on Friday. He said that a driver had not showed up to do delivery at the Tilton (N.H.) store. So, he had been sent there from the Gilford store. Another driver was supposed to take care of our delivery. He had too much to do & didn’t get to us.

He apologized. He knew that there were issues. He knew that there was a driver shortage. He knew that Lowe’s was blaming XPO. He did a good job. Nice young guy.

Soon after we got a call from XPO. A Mr. James Kinney, XPO’s Director in charge of NE operations. He was good. Very professional. He was familiar with what had happened. He apologized. Agreed that it was unacceptable. He wanted to make amends. I was impressed. He did XPO proud.

So, that is where we are.

XPO has major issues with their Call Center. That Call Center will be the end of them.

Well it appears that XPO, Lowe’s & even the contract company ALL KNOW that they have an issue on their hands. I am just relieved to have got my shipment — 120′ of chain-link panels for an outdoor pen for Rowen.

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by Anura Guruge

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