Installing 90’x15x6′ Chain Link Kennel For Newfoundland Puppy.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Yes, we tried to hire professionals. They were quoting dates in August or September. The Summer would be done by then. Also, citing increasing materials costs, they were hiking prices by 20% or more. We were getting quoted around $4,000 (& higher).

Well, screw that for a game of soldiers. I started doing some research. I found 6′ chain link panel kennel kits for 10′ x 10′. So, each kit had 40′ of chain link, including one door. I bought three kits. That gave me 120′ feet.

So, I can do 90′ run — the total length of the house (at the back) — with two 15′ sides. That is what we are doing. The back of the house, most of which is a concrete wall will form one side.

Biggest challenge to-date was attaching the fence, SECURELY, to the concrete. Had to get a hammer drill.

Fence securely screwed into the concrete wall. Going to use at least 3 such brackets, per side.

So far, so good. Going to add additional posts for reinforcement. Also going to use cables to tie the top of the fence to the legs on the deck.

I will post more pictures when it is done.

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