Per “Garmin’s” New VO2 Max. Tracking In The ‘Venu 2’, I Am AS FIT As I Can Be!

by Anura Guruge

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I am just going by what Garmin says: “You’ve reached your achievable Fitness Age“.

This is Garmin’s NEW ‘Fitness Age’ metric introduced with the Venu 2 — which has new sensors.

Yes, my ‘VO2 Max’ is 42. I have been at 42 before & have had fitness ages way below this.

What is new here is that it says “I have REACHED“.

I do NOT feel like it. I am sure I can be fitter. I am a great believer that: you can’t be too fit, too thin, too smart or too poor. [I am not rich, so I can’t even comment on the “too rich” adage.]

Well, I am just sharing. OK. Showing OFF. SMILE. Come on. Wouldn’t YOU.

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