Template-Based ‘Site123’ Website Builder Is Different To Others — & Kind Of Grows On You.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the ‘Site123’ Website.

It is an Israeli outfit that started in c. 2016. So, not that old, & I kind of think that they are not that well known. But, that could change.

I am YET AGAIN looking around for a decent Website builder — with exceptional blogging capabilities, outside of WordPress. I have kind of had it with WordPress (& some of its limitations).

I have been playing around on ‘Site123‘ today. Kind of impressed & humbled. Yes, quite idiosyncratic — to say the least, but kind of in a good way.

They specialize in ONE-PAGE Websites — everything just added to the bottom of the page, ALBEIT with MENU BAR navigation to all the subpages so to speak. But, you can create multi-page sites too or even cuter a combination of both. That kind of gets powerful quick, especially as you can select what is shown in the NAVIGATION.

Everything has to be per their prebuilt templates & layouts — BUT they have quite a selection, with some degree of customization possible. I have only used the site for about 2-hours. I, however, have liked what I have seen.

If I go with them, you will, of course, here much more about them. It would be the ultimate accolade for them. SMILE.

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