My ‘Navajo’ Become The Largest Tribe In The U.S. Overtaking The ‘Cherokee’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. From ‘ABC News’. Check ‘Google News’ for more.

‘Navajo Code Talker’ statue at ‘Navajo Nation’ HQ in ‘Window Rock’, NM.
I took this picture in August 2018.

I, alas & alak, am NOT Navajo! But, I do identify with them very keenly & profoundly. I have spent a lot of time with them & on their reservations in Arizona since 1980. That I look like one helps & adds to why I relate with them at such a deep level. Native Navajos have said, more than once, that if they saw me in the reservation they would just think I was one of them & give it no further thought.

This increase in numbers, ironically, is related to COVID that continues to wreak havoc among the Navajo. A lot of folks that were Navajo, but had never registered as such, have done so recently to get the aid that is being given to these hard-hit folks. Sad.

COVID is still taking its toll. I just read that COVID-related Navajo deaths just surpassed 1,300. We really can’t afford to lose so many of these wonderful people.

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