90’x15’x6′ Chain Link Enclosure For ‘Rowen’, Our Newfoundland Puppy, Is Complete — & We Are All Happy.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

It worked out well. Solid. Not worried, at all, at all, that Rowen might be able to knock it over or jump over it. In the end it didn’t need as many external reinforcing posts as I had been planning — just 4 sufficed.

For about half its 90′ length it runs alongside our raised deck & I attached cables from each leg of the deck to the fence — above head height. That made a big difference.

Plus, it is strongly anchored to concrete at both ends & as well as to a convenient deck support leg on one side.

We also put a layer of gravel for the ungrassed space under the deck. So, it has all worked out.

It wasn’t hard to do. Teischan (15) & I worked about 1-hour each evening, roughly between 6pm & 7pm. In total, to get it all done, including the gravel it took us about 16-days — but we had gaps while we waited for a corded electric drill & the gravel to be delivered. Also had a couple of days of thunderstorms. We had started in mid-May.

All told, even if I add in all the power tools I ended up getting, it came to about $2,000 in material. Our labor was free. So, it was HALF THE PRICE that we had been quoted & it was ready by the start of June. The folks we got estimates from were talking August or September. Laugh!

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