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I Have Become Totally & Hopelessly Hooked On “Ketchup Sriracha” Style.

by Anura Guruge

Target has it for under $3.00.

I happened to be passing the Walmart clearance shelves (in their food department) when my eyes caught this. I like Sriracha. I used to always order the Sriracha Burger at Friendly’s. Walmart had it marked down to $1.50 or maybe it was 92 cents. I just took it for the heck of it.

I tried a bit when I got home. It lit up my world. It is good. Really good.

Yes, of course, I like spicy food. Spicy food bothers me none. So, I am a natural for this.

I have been eating it on all sorts since.

Delighted to see that I can buy more, at a reasonable price, from Target.

You really should try it. It will spice up your world.

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by Anura Guruge

I Have Become Hooked On Yoplait’s New ‘Oui’ French Yogurt In A Cute Glass Jar.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to access the official Website ‘Oui’.

I stumbled upon these cute ‘Oui‘ jars, serendipitously, in Cambridge, MA, when we were there yesterday for ‘Revels‘.

I eat some form of yogurt each day and have been doing so for 20-years.

Of late I have restricted myself to plain, Greek yogurt to keep away from the sugar and sweeteners.

But, I had a strawberry-flavored ‘Oui’ as a treat. I was hooked.

Today, when I was at Walmart I went looking for them. Much to my delight they had some. I bought 5 jars … key lime, mango, blueberry and raspberry.

But, this will be just over Christmas.

I have been too chicken to even look at the label. I am sure it is ultra-high in carbs. Yikes. This is not good for me. But, I cannot resist.

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by Anura Guruge

Quaker Instant Oatmeal “Best Bowl” Finalist Flavors Are A Treat — Check Them Out.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and oggle here.

A bowl of oatmeal is a cornerstone of my near 4-year long v. low-carb diet. Few months into the diet I realized that I need some bulk and I like oatmeal (and it is supposed to be good for you).

Recently I have been using plain oatmeal BUT when I saw this box at Walmart (on Sunday when we were there to buy two Christmas trees) I could not resist.

Apple Cheddar Rosemary!

Vanilla Chai!

Lemon Ricotta Pancake!

I tried the ‘Apple Cheddar Rosemary’. It wasn’t very strong. Pleasant enough. I will have to try it again and make sure to be more attentive.

Just thought you might be interested. So I had to share. Enjoy.

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by Anura Guruge

“Noosa” — A Fine Yogurt With Pepper-Spiced Heat, BUT Alas Too ‘Rich’ For Me.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access the “Noosa Yoghurt” Website.

I swung by Hannaford in Alton to pick up some items this afternoon and came across a lady doing a taste demo for this yogurt — or yoghurt, as they call it. She made a point of telling me to try the yogurt with HEAT — i.e., yogurt with chilli peppers. Well I like pepper and as I have talked about before, I eat a yogurt each and every day and have been doing so for nearly 20 years.

I tried the “Blackberry/Serrano” and loved it. She gave me a 55 cent coupon and I bought a container. It is a double size container — i.e., twice as much as your normal yogurt container.

When I came home I read the label. I was SHOCKED. The fat and carbs are WAY ABOVE what I would normally indulge in. A very rich yogurt. But it sure tasted good. Yum. Yum. Would love to eat some everyday with the chilli but I couldn’t handle all that extra fat and carbs given that I, yet again, need to lose some weight!

I am going to try adding some chilli to my normal Greek yogurt. I will tell you if I crack the recipe. 

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by Anura Guruge

More Bad News For Carbs. Now Thought To Cause Lung Cancer!

by Anura Guruge

Click here to access the U.K. “Daily Mail” original
from March 7, 2016.

Click image to ENLARGE and enjoy here.


I dramatically cut back on carbs 3 years and 2 months ago. So for the last 38 months I have had NO bread (of any type or color), no rice (whatsoever), no bagels, no muffins, no donuts, no pizza (other than a few pizza bites), no pasta, no cakes, no pies, no ice cream, no puddings, no desserts! Yes, I lost some weight.

That is NOT to say I do not ingest carbs. That would be impossible. Plus I worked out that I need some amount of carbs, if nothing else to keep my digestive tract somewhat appeased (though I can tell you (for free) that low carb diets wreak havoc on your stomach especially when you are old (as am I)). I still have my mandatory, medicinal DAILY glass of red wine. That has carbs. I eat Activia yogurt (because it is supposed to help with my stomach). That has lots of carbs. I eat one cup of oatmeal a day — again for my stomach (along with quite a bit of Metamucil). So I do ingest a fair amount of carbs and of late I am PUTTING ON WEIGHT, however hard I try. C’est la vie.

Not sure whether I believe this study. But wanted to share it with you for what it is worth.

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by Anura Guruge

7 Sugars & 7 Creams In A McDonald’s Large Coffee.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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sugaranalysisTeischan & I were at the McDonald’s in Laconia (New Hampshire) on Tuesday evening around 5:15pm. We had gone to Laconia to pick up a new frame for her glasses. By 5 Teischan is always hungry and gets even more so if we are within 3 miles of a McD. Plus I like the McDonald’s in Laconia. It makes me really appreciate how pitiful our local one in Alton is.

I had gone to get my ice coffee and was coming back to the main counter when I heard a male voice saying “I want 7 sugars and 7 creams in that coffee”. It took me back a bit. 7 sugars? I was sure that he was getting multiple cups and that the 7 was across all of them. I was wrong. He was getting one large McCafe with 7 sugars and 7 creams. I was flabbergasted. I won’t mention what color he was other than that he was not caucasian. He was about my height but I was 1/3rd his volume. He was a big man. Very full of himself. Flashily dressed. He could very well have been in the pharmaceutical industry.

I picked up our order and waited until he left. I then asked the counter person whether he actually had 7 sugars and 7 creams in his coffee. The mentality of some McD employees is worthy of study. This guy thought that I was shocked that McD had NOT said no to that much ‘extras’. His response was: “We don’t charge more for extra sugar or cream. We give as much as you want”.  Oh dear.

As for the sweet toothed, roly-poly I couldn’t figure out whether it was ignorance, nonchalance or just bravado. The belief that ordering a coffee with that much sugar made him look cool. He obviously did not care about the dangers of diabetes — especially given that some folks are known to be more prone to diabetes than others.

I came home and told Deanna. I was shocked and saddened. I know what diabetes can do for you. If nothing else, in the case of a man, you need to start worrying about your manhood. I did some calculations today. That cup of coffee had around 320 calories. That is more than a McD burger which has about 219. But the problem is that 35% of those calories were from straight sugar. That is not good. Actually very bad.

A shame. A shame. But to be fair this guy probably isn’t thinking that far ahead. Live for the day.

Just in case you didn’t know McDonald’s do have Splenda and you can have as much as you want.

Alton Central School (ACS) ‘Bring A Loved One For Lunch Day’, Today, Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013. HUGE SUCCESS. Thank YOU.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The Alton Central School (ACS)Food Services Team‘, ably and amiably led by Mr. Shaffer (Food Services Director) & Mr. Cowan (Food Services Cook/Supervisor), is an absolute joy, and an indubitable highlight of ACS.

We have been great fans of them since Devanee started attending ACS in 2007.

They do an outstanding job, very helpful and always kind to the kids. I don’t think they have a huge budget but they always seem to perform miracles.

Deanna has more dealings with them, given the two accounts we have with them for the two kids, and is always saying good things about them. That is good.

We try to go to all these ‘come to lunch’ programs. They are always good, always fun and always rewarding.

Thank you Mr. Shaffer. Thank you Mr. Cowan. Thank you Mrs. Burke. Thank you Mrs. Lambert. Thank you Mrs. Quinn.


Nice, pleasing and informational presentation put together by Mr. Shaffer for today’s lunch.

Destination Imagination (DI) When It Comes To Alton Central School (ACS) & New Hampshire (NH-DI).

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Let me start off with two opening statements to make sure that everybody appreciates where I am coming from.

1. Everything I am going to say here, I have said before, to the pertinent ACS staff, NH-DI officials, the DI mother organization and even to Mrs. Michelle Obama! So, as far as I am concerned, this is a well trodden path for me.

2. I used to be huge, huge, huge proponent, believer and flag-bearer for DI and I think, deep down, I still believe that DI is a good thing. All four of my kids, going back to c. 1996, have done DI. Matthew did DI for at least 4 years and made it to Globals twice (in a 3 year period). Matthew, now a rampant over-achiever (who puts me to shame), can often be heard singing the praises of DI and readily claiming that DI helped him tremendously in making him what he is today: ultra-confident, creative and a go-getter. I have been to well over 20 DI meets. I was an assistant coach at ACS 2010 – 2011. Deanna & I were both DI coaches 2011 – 2012. I was a DI appraiser in 2012.

So that is the background. These days I have issues with both DI at ACS and DI-NH. They are different issues and I will address them separately. I really don’t want to offend or upset anybody, unduly, and as such I am going to be as gentle and innocuous as possible and resort to as many euphemisms as I can — though I do want to make sure that there is no confusion as to what I am trying to say.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

DI at Alton Central School (ACS)

The above, sent out Thursday night (10/10/2013), by ACS Principal Sydney Leggett, is the 3rd ACS Newsletter in a row, that had this Destination Imagination plea. The first two times I decided that I will keep my big mouth shut. When I saw it again on Thursday night, the Rubicon was crossed.

I have two issues here:

1/ It is getting LATE to start a DI team. Even if they get coaches signing up this coming week it will be the 4th week in October before they can have their first meeting. To me that is TOO LATE and unfair to the kids. NH schools with a proper DI cultures, like Hooksett, Bow, Gorham, where they have DI committees that meet year round, would have started their meetings by (latest) the third week of September. The number of meetings matter. So as far as I am concerned if you haven’t formed a team by the third week in October, call it a day for the year and move on. While winning isn’t everything, and competing alone is rewarding, I am a staunch believer that all kids should only ever compete on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. If not, it is not fair on the kids. So if our ACS kids start a month behind other kids that will always show when it comes to the meets. That distresses me. It is NOT their fault that they missed a month of meetings. It is the fault of the the ADULTS at ACS. I do NOT want to see ACS kids at a disadvantage because the ADULTS let them down. Have I made myself clear.

2/ Mrs. Leggett and I have had various ‘discussions’ on this 2011 – 2012. What I never did, and maybe I should have done, was take one of my old gloves (i.e. gauntlet) to school with me and throw it down at her feet and make it very official that I am challenging her to make this happen. What do I want her to do: ‘get ACS TEACHERS, especially all the science teachers, to be DI coaches’. Plain and simple. Mrs. Leggett should not be trying to find parents to be DI coaches. Yes, parents should be assistant coaches as I was in 2010 – 2011 — helping an ACS teacher. Why am I so adamant on this. Because this pertains to the culture of ACS. In terms of ALL of the non-sporting after school activities, coaching DI, indubitably, is the MOST time-consuming (if you are going to do it right). Zumba-whatever, may involve more physical effort for an hour, but in terms of hours a week, plus the two or three weekends, DI coaching takes up a lot of your time. I know. But, it is worthwhile. That MORE ACS teachers won’t do it is an indictment on ACS and the principal. I have challenged her on this before, without throwing down the symbolic gauntlet, but now I challenge her again: ‘Mrs. Leggett, get your teachers to COACH DI. Every ACS DI team should be led by a teacher. Recruit parents as assistant coaches’.


1/ The appraiser conflicts of interests that I spelled out in this post, and was responded to by NH-DI, still bother me. But, that is my opinion and nobody will convince me that it is the right thing. So, as ever, I am doing the right thing as far as I am concerned, which is all that I can do: I am staying away from DI-NH.

2/ Something else that bothered me greatly with NH-DI, probably as much of the ‘conflicts’, was the ‘image’ portrayed by the ‘adult’ NH-DI officials. ACS parents that attended the various DI meets with me will know that I fumed, muttered and ranted about: ‘This is not right. This upsets me …’ Let me say this as delicately as possible. I don’t want to take kids (and by kids, I refer to all kids in my charge and not just my own) to a so called ‘leadership event’ where more than 50% of the ‘adult’ officials do not meet the ‘BMI 25‘ criteria. I do not want my kids to listen to a mid-40s guy, who looks like he is 7 months pregnant, with twins, prancing around, going ‘Look at me. I am the face of DI. You too can be like me. This is what you are striving for …’. I want folks that look like Mittens Romney, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, the President, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Dr. Mrs. Jill Biden, John Kerry etc. etc. standing up and serving as the role models for my kids. I don’t want kids to think that DI takes the place of sports and exercise — and given the time commitment that DI imposes, this can be an issue. I don’t want kids to think that you can’t be nerdy (a Geek) and a jock (Cool) at the same time. I told DI, in 2011, both NH and ‘mothership’, that I would like to see at least ONE DI challenge that was all about physical fitness or nutrition. I haven’t looked at this year’s challenges. But, until I see that NH-DI, takes this to heart, I am not going to take a team to a NH-DI meet. Again, this is my take. I don’t ask anybody to do anything I would not do. I write this after my 6 days a week, huff, puff and wheeze trudge up Prospect Mountain, wearing 5 pounds of wrist weights — and I won’t mention names, but I this morning, I was 10 minutes faster than a youngster young enough to be my grand-daughter.

Enough said.

I Did IT. I Did It. I Lost The 20 Pounds I Was Told To Lose. Took Me 110 Days, i.e., 3 Months 3 Weeks.


Anura Guruge

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jump_for_joyIt wasn’t hard per se. I never expected it to be hard. I am the past master of losing weight — when I set my mind to it, i.e., I have a chat with my best friend, ‘my brain’, and we agree that we together, working hand-in-hand, will achieve that goal.

Deanna picked up my blood work results on Tuesday, January 22, 2013. My blood sugar was ‘102‘ — I was now officially prediabetic, ‘100’ the cut-off. I had hovered at ’99’ for a number of years. Thought I was ‘only’ around 185 pounds I decided I was going to lose weight.

Saw my rake-thin cardiologist two days later, on January 24. Per their scales, fully dressed (for winter), I was 193 pounds. As soon as I got home I ordered a new, digital bathroom scales with automated, BIA-technology based BMI calculations. So, I ended up with the Ozeri Gen II (ZB011). I love it. That it shows your weights to the ‘tenths’ helps. You can really watch your weight fluctuate in terms of ounces. Per the Ozeri I weighed 189 pounds and  my BMI never was beyond the dreaded ’25’. I am now at ‘17‘ per the Ozeri – and this morning after my run, the Ozeri read, exactly: ‘169.0‘! 

I don’t know what my blood work is. I haven’t had it tested since. Yes, I lost the weight by eliminating carbs. But, that means I am eating more cheese and meats. The last time I did this, about 8 years ago, my blood work was the best ever. But I was younger.

So my cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Hanlon, of Catholic Medical (in Manchester, NH), a man of few words, tells me that I should lose 20 pounds. I was bit taken back. But, it was funny he did not tell me to in anyway change my exercise regime once he heard about my slogging up Prospect Mountain Hill and snow shoveling.

I thought I would lose the 20 pounds in 3 months. I am not that thrilled that it took me 3 weeks longer. But, the trip to Arizona set me back 10 days. Though I did NOT cheat, even once, my whole system was out of whack.

This was really a modified Atkins — and I am an Atkins devotee ever since Deanna steered me towards his approach c. 2005. As I told Dr. Hanlon it is impossible, today, to totally eliminate carbs from your diet. There are carbs even in most salad dressings – and no, I am not going to live on Balsamic Vinaigrette alone. I was also not going to sacrifice my daily, diluted (large) glass of red wine. Long time ago I worked out that there were two mandatory things, other than oxygen and food, I needed in order to function (and especially, to write): sex and red-wine. So the red wine was staying though what I now drink, other than very, very rare occasions (like once every month), is a ‘disgusting’ watery mix. Then there is oatmeal. Though I take both flaxseed and Metamucil, daily, I like my oatmeal. I like proper, celtic-style steel-cut oatmeal — and Deanna will make it for me, if I ask. But, the one thing I do cheat on, especially if when we are travelling is, McDonald’s oatmeal. I have liked it from the day it came out. Yes, I know it has a bunch of ‘unhealthy’ stuff, but if this is my ‘indulgence’ — you can do much worse.

So, that is it. I will continue on this diet for the foreseeable future. The chances are that I will lose a few more pounds. IF I get to 165 pounds, I will have to reevaluate matters. I don’t want to go much below that. My ribs start to show.

IF you want to lose weight my way, let me know. I will help you out. Yes, I am supposed to, per Deanna, write a book about my diet, and it is on the list.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Fasting For Two Consecutive Days Is Just Plain Wrong. It Is Immoral. Everything In Moderation. Fast Every Other Day. 3 Days A Week.


Anura Guruge

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2dayswrongI am THE DOYEN of ‘Fast Dieting’.

As such I have been much bothered ever since I heard about this inane fast for 2 consecutive days diet on CNN yesterday morning. I have talked to a few people about it since.

Fasting is good. Fasting works. I am all in favor of fasting. I just KNOW that fasting for 2 consecutive days is not the right way to do it.

The one thing from the Buddhism that I grew up with that I still adhere to is the ‘everything in moderation‘ advice (though I am willing to make an exception to that when it comes to sex). But, when it comes to dieting, and especially Fast Dieting you have to do it in moderation.

Fasting, indubitably, stresses your body. Yes, you learn to cope with it and that is why I insist that you have to torque up your ‘good’ hormone production, with exercise and orgasms, to counter this stress.

Fasting and ‘binging’ though the natural and obvious thing to do is also not right. Moderation. Yes, I did say ‘splurge’ on weekends. But, notice that that splurging was accompanied by 5-7 miles of jogging/running.

Please, by all means adopt a Fasting Diet — but please don’t fast for 2 consecutive days and please remember you have no choice but to ramp up those hormones.

All the best. Enjoy. Happy Easter.