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‘HostGator’ Web Hosting — Just Absolutely AMAZING Telephone Support Makes All The Difference.

by Anura Guruge

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I Had Never Heard Of ‘Teqball’ Till Today — Had YOU?

by Anura Guruge

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I guess I do NOT (luckily) spend enough time on social media watching ‘pop trends’. When it comes to sport, other than faithfully, always watching the SuperBowl in its entirety, my main (if not only) passion is cricket. Yes, I will occasionally watch some Rugby. That is it.

I learned about Teqball when I read that Sri Lanka has created a Website for the sport! Ah? I had Google it. That is how I learnt about it.

I watched the above video. It is OK. I prefer ping-pong played by the Chinese! Teqball seems too contrived & I may be wrong but I do not think any other body part can match our hands in terms of putting speed on a ball in this type of close quarters. Yes, of course, the feet can kick very hard. But, you can’t do that in this setting. I love the speed of table tennis, yes, ping-pong at speed.

Well, I just wanted to make sure YOU have heard of Teqball. Now you have. No thanks necessary. That is why I am here.

Cleverest Vanity Plate Ever — & It Is A ‘New Hampshire’ Plate.

by Anura Guruge

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It was on a SUV parked at our beach this morning.

I had to take a double take. I first thought it said ‘Venal’ & thought that that was quite ‘ballsy’. Then, I got it right.

WOW. Was I impressed. In ‘New Hampshire’? I am sure that a majority of folks in New Hampshire have NO IDEA what the word means. Many may even claim that they have never heard it (which, however, is unlikely to be true).


It was on a white, U.S. GMC mid-size SUV.

Image from GMC Website.

Yes, it was INDEED an ‘Equinox‘.

Get it: Vernal Equinox, i.e., Spring (March) Equinox, ‘vernal‘ the Latin for ‘Spring related‘.

How clever. I was so impressed. I have NOT seen that plate before, BUT the Equinox was on our beach. I had a dog with me & it was past 10am. So, I didn’t dare venture to the beach. Dogs are not allowed after 10am (I think (or maybe it is even earlier)). It could have been somebody visiting a neighbor. I would LOVE to meet the owner. I think it is a Mum. There were only two vehicles parked & I could hear lots of kids on the beach.

My hat off to whoever came up with this. Bravo. Thank YOU. Made my day.

Here is the supreme IRONY. In September 2020, in EXACTLY the same spot as this Equinox was parked I saw this. Now that lacked class.

90’x15’x6′ Chain Link Enclosure For ‘Rowen’, Our Newfoundland Puppy, Is Complete — & We Are All Happy.

by Anura Guruge

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It worked out well. Solid. Not worried, at all, at all, that Rowen might be able to knock it over or jump over it. In the end it didn’t need as many external reinforcing posts as I had been planning — just 4 sufficed.

For about half its 90′ length it runs alongside our raised deck & I attached cables from each leg of the deck to the fence — above head height. That made a big difference.

Plus, it is strongly anchored to concrete at both ends & as well as to a convenient deck support leg on one side.

We also put a layer of gravel for the ungrassed space under the deck. So, it has all worked out.

It wasn’t hard to do. Teischan (15) & I worked about 1-hour each evening, roughly between 6pm & 7pm. In total, to get it all done, including the gravel it took us about 16-days — but we had gaps while we waited for a corded electric drill & the gravel to be delivered. Also had a couple of days of thunderstorms. We had started in mid-May.

All told, even if I add in all the power tools I ended up getting, it came to about $2,000 in material. Our labor was free. So, it was HALF THE PRICE that we had been quoted & it was ready by the start of June. The folks we got estimates from were talking August or September. Laugh!

My 15-Year Old Daughter Got Her 2nd (& Final) COVID-19 Vaccination Today, In New Hampshire — June 5, 2021.

by Anura Guruge

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This was about as FAST as it could be done for a 15-year old. I got her registered within hours of her becoming eligible. She got her 1st shot, on May 15, 2021, within 2-days of the registration.

‘They’, i.e., the automated system, then scheduled her 2nd appointment for today — exactly 21-days from the first. It has to be at least 21-days. Well, it is now done.

In theory, in 10-days, June 15, 2021, she will have full immunity — or as much as she will ever have. Of the household she was the one that was most worried about getting COVID, took the most precautions & kept the rest of us ‘honest’ in terms of following all the protocols. She did an admirable job.

So, just another 10-days to go. She will be relieved. She will be happy. However, she claims that she will continue to wear a mask FOREVER!

‘Walker’, A Very Nifty, 9-Item, Data Field For ‘Garmin’ Watches, Which Works A Treat On My ‘Venu 2’.

by Anura Guruge

‘Walker’ 9-item data-field. I have it as my 3rd-screen on ‘Walk’.
But, it gives me everything I need.

My other 3 screens for ‘Walk’.
The first two has much of the same data as ‘Walker’ BUT split across 2-screens & I DO NOT get the TOTAL STEPS ALREADY walked — as I do with ‘Walker’. See above, 10,973 (total) vs 10, 260 (this walk) above as well as diagram below.

I check ‘Garmin Connect IQ’ at least once a week to see what new stuff they have for my new ‘Venu 2‘. I was intrigued when I saw this data field. Just what I was looking for.

As you can see from the top picture it is not unusual for me to have 700 steps in the bank (so to speak) before I start my morning walk. Given that I always have to balance my time vs steps I like to know where I stand with my step count FOR THE DAY — not just for a single walk. That way I can allocate my time.

I set this Data Field, by ‘wwarby’, as the 3rd screen — but it is the ONLY screen I now use when I am walking.

Try it out. I am sure you will like it.

An Alluring Mermaid Made Out Of Clay Flower Pots.

by Anura Guruge

I ambled a route I hadn’t travelled in many months. I was delighted to encounter THIS beauty. Of course I had to cross the road & start taking pictures. I lucked out even further. The ARTIST who created this happened to be working in her delightful yard & came over to chat. Made my day. I like meeting talented artistic folks (beyond the one I have at home).

She actually works for the USPS & does this as a hobby when she has time. This was her week off. Hence how I lucked out. Appears that she does a new decoration, for this her corner flower bed, each year. She said she had a bicycle last year. I remember that. I took pictures of it. Maybe I might find them.

But, back to this Mermaid. She is made from just clay flower pots of various sizes. She uses iron rods to hold them together.

I urged her that she should go into business making them & selling them on Etsy. Ironically, given that she works for USPS, she was concerned about shipping. {Smile}

Well, I wanted to share this amazing artifact with you. It is in Barnstead, by Locke Lake. Drive around the lake & you will see it. That is about as specific as I will get. Yes, it is within 2.4 miles of where I live. I checked my Garmin Venu 2 GPS.

I At Last Have My GoTo ‘ActiFace’ Watch Face On My ‘Garmin’ ‘Venu 2’ & It Feels Good.

by Anura Guruge

‘ActiFace’ on my Garmin Venu 2.

‘ActiFace’ at least for now has usurped ‘Logos 3’.

ActiFace on my ‘Enduro’ & ‘Fenix 6’ with Venu 2 with a default watch face.

‘ActiFace’ has been my default Garmin watch face since 2017. I have used it, with pleasure, on all my Garmins. I missed not having it on my ‘new’ Venu 2. I even e-mailed the developer. Well, today it was available. I downloaded it at once. As I knew it would, it looks great with the BRIGHT, AMOLED display.

But, I am faced with a dilemma. I am kind of quite partial to the new Logos 3 ALSO & it, as you can see above, gives me MORE data while being super-readable & easy on the eye. So! I don’t know.

Scottish ‘Kris Kristiansen’, Now Gracing Maine, Is Quite The Seascape & Lighthouse Painter.

by Anura Guruge

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Yes, of course, I met him in the main parking lot at Fort Williams during our visit on Friday, May 28, 2021. Of course, I had to go see; of course, I had have a little chat. As soon as he spoke I knew he was Scottish. That to I, an adopted Scot of long standing, was a thrill. He is quite the artist & quite the man. Impressive.

Other than a very-credible self-portrait most of the work he had on display, quite rightly, had to do with Fort Williams & its iconic & historic lighthouse — the oldest in Maine. I liked his work so much that I bought two paintings.

I wanted to bring him to YOUR attention. Check him out. You will NOT be dissapointed.

‘Midnight Son’, A True Alaskan Mystery By ‘James Dommek, Jr.’, Is Quite The Story To Listen.

by Anura Guruge

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Just finished listening to this very absorbing story on ‘Amazon Audible’. Interesting story. Learnt an amazing amount about Native Alaskans, their culture & life. Very well crafted & produced. One of the best produced Audio offerings I have ever had the pleasure of listening. Highly recommended. You can listen to a sample on Amazon. Give it a spin.