NH Facts

Capital: Concord

Queen City: Manchester

Nickname: “The Granite State”

Motto: “Live Free or Die

Emblem: Old Man of the Mountain

Song: Old New Hampshire and New Hampshire, My New Hampshire

Flower: Purple Lilac

Wildflower: Pink Lady’s Slipper

Tree: White Birch

Purple Finch

Gem: Smokey Quartz

Rock: Granite

Mineral: Beryl

Bird: Purple Finch

Animal: White Tail Deer

Dog: Chinook (as of 2009)

Insect: Lady Bug

Amphibian: Red Spotted Newt

Butterfly: Karner Blue

Saltwater Fish: Striped Bass

Freshwater Fish: Brook Trout

Vegetable: White Potato (as of June 4, 2013).

Area: 9,304 square miles

Greatest Width: 90 miles

Greatest Length: 180 miles

Coastline: 17.75 miles

Lakes & Ponds: 1,300

Miles of Streams: 40,000

Mountain Peaks over 3,000′: 82

Highest Peak: 6,288′ Mount Washington (highest wind velocity on earth recorded on summit of Mt. Washington in 1934 at 231 mph)

More … see this link.

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