Old Pictures Of Sri Lanka.

Maintained for all by Anura Guruge

The above picture, or for that matter ANY of the pictures on this page, are not MINE per se.

I got these pictures (below) from a cousin quite a few years ago (like 2003 or 2004). No idea who took them or when. But obviously the copyright on them would have expired long time ago.

Occurred to me that I should at a minimum preserve them on the Web so that others can get access to them. I did have them for many years on my ‘guruge.com‘ Website. This is NEW home for them.

Some Amazing Old Picture.

Got this in 2011 from a Sri Lankan, as a self-playing PowerPoint. I converted it to a small (and safe) PDF since that is easier for most folks.

Here are thumbnails of the 43 pictures in the PDF.

Other than converting it to a PDF, this is NOT my work and I do not own these pictures, though I would think, as with all the pictures on this page, any copyright has long expired.

The last slide says that this PowerPoint was compiled by ‘Henry Dullewe,’ in Canada. I do not know him. His contact information is on the slide.

Click this image (an example of the pictures inside) to download and enjoy the PDF.

Click this image to download the small (3MB) and safe (no viruses) PDF. Guaranteed safe by Anura Guruge and YOU will NEVER get a better guarantee of integrity than that.

Pictures of Kandy from (at least) 100 years ago

Got these pictures, on July 5, 2011, from another cousin(-in-law) in Sri Lanka. He sent them in an e-mail that just said “Kandy 100 Years Ago — Very Valuable Pictures”.

So I am yet again trying to preserve them. I do not claim any ownership or copyright to these pictures either — though I am sure that whatever copyright they had has long expired.

A Picture Painted By Me in July 1960.

A picture pained by me, in July 1960, when I was approaching 7 years in age, showing a political rally — and I think that I am showing my father on stage talking. For those that know, it is very easy to see what party is represented and I even show Mrs. Bandaranayake in her car with her hair in a bun! [Yes, she was Aunty Bandaranayake and I knew her well. Even spoke with her most days.]


Click to ENLARGE. This picture is copyright.