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British Prime Minister, David Cameron, Loses 13 Pounds Since Christmas On A Low-Carb Diet. Bravo.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access “Business Insider” article.

I heard this on CNBC the other morning. It made me happy on multiple counts. Yet another validation, as if one is needed anymore, that low-carb diets, as I keep on stressing, really do work — and work dramatically well.

I am also glad for David Cameron. He is impressive, very presidential. I like him even though he is a British Conservative. I have, having had first hand experience of both, come to the realization that British ‘Conservative’ is a very different — tamer, friendlier and more disciplined animal — to American ‘GOP’. I think I could still be a British Conservative — as I was for many years, when I was an ardent fan of Margaret Thatcher.

That David likes peanuts cracks me up. Peanuts are my least favorite nut. I eat them, but never by choice. I am a Cashew man. I can eat many pounds of cashews a day — which is, of course, not conducive to my low-carb diet. So I have to use restraint.