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Friday the 13th, November 2020, Does NOT Count; It ONLY Counts In October.

by Anura Guruge

Please click on image to access my last — & very definitive — post on this matter. Thanks.

I have covered this “Friday the 13th” so, so many times that it does NOT make sense to do it all over again. SMILE. Nothing new to add. Said it all before. So, please read IF you are new to this. Thank YOU.

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by Anura Guruge

Paris Attacks 11/13/ Will Cloud & Dampen Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2015, Nov. 19.

parismourningAnura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge


It will be difficult to have the traditional Paris <–> London races etc., for obvious reasons.

France and the World will still be in shock and mourning next
Thursday, Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2015.

Yes, the cartons with the bottles will already be in the
U.S. and other countries.

BUT MAYBE we should rethink HOW we mark this Beaujolais Nouveau Day.
I for one will be ‘happy’ to forgo celebrations per se.

So just a quick heads up.


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No Google Doodle For Sinhala New Year 2015 AS YET — But Thailand & Burma Get One For Their (Buddhist) New Year.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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NOT looking good folks. I am sorry.
See this LATEST update.

I would NOT totally give up as yet.
Lets face it April 13th, typically, is ‘Old Year‘.

Most years the Sinhala New Year is on April 14th.

So Google still MIGHT do one in time for April 14.

So keep legs crossed (fingers alone will not do).

This is what the Thai got.


Click to access Google Doodle from the Google archives.

Sri Lanka, EVER, has only had two (2) Google Doodles,
this being the second.

Malaysian Airlines MH370: 13 Months, i.e., 1 Year 1 Month AND Still Nothing?


by Anura Guruge

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** 1 YEAR anniversary

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 Today, April 8, 2015, is beyond ONE FULL YEAR!

396 days.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.


Doesn’t it blow your mind?

 Lufthansa Germanwings crash has put the spotlight, back again, on pilot/co-pilot suicide.

Also the Maldive Islands, my contention from the start, is again gaining attention — as it must.

Very sad. Very bizarre. People, mainly governments, know much more than they are letting on.


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I Did My First ‘Granite State Ambassador’ Shift At The New Hampshire State House Concord This Afternoon. It Was Neat.


Anura Guruge

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When we visited the State House in December I told the excellent Director of the State House Visitor Center, Virginia Drew, that she should get the Granite State Ambassadors (GSAs) to help out. I am delighted that she heeded my advice.

I don’t check my GSA schedule that often. But, on Friday we all got an e-mail from Virginia Drew asking for volunteers to sign up for this week. How could I resist. Today, Monday, was a running day so I signed up for the afternoon shift, noon to 3 pm.

It was real neat. I got to accompany two 4th grade school groups on half each of their tours. With the second group I got to be with them when they met the Governor, Maggie Hassan. That was the first time I have seen the Governor in person. She is impressive. Very good with the kids. I was impressed. I didn’t get to speak to her.

Spent the rest of the shift in the Visitor Center with Debbie Rivers who works for Virginia Drew who showed me some of the stuff I need to come to terms with to do this gig successfully. It was all a lot of fun. A lot to learn but I am looking forward to that. I think our State House is way cool. And everybody is so pleasant and friendly. Just a sheer joy to be there.

This Friday, May 17, 2013, at 10:00 am is the annual ‘New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers Memorialceremony. It is going to be a busy morning. I was asked if I would come and volunteer. I was only going to do 1 shift a week – and even that is a huge improvement on what I have done in a long time – but I could not refuse. So I am doing Friday morning too. Two GSA shifts in a week!

I have to say, this is fun. I signed up to be a GSA for opportunities like this. Stay tuned. I am sure I will have more to say.

I live to learn. I want to learn at least one new thing a day. So, today I learned, from Virginia Drew, who is an oracle of such knowledge, two things. The first was how to read a NH State Representative’s car registration plate. The other was that in bygone days the NH legislatures were even more superstitious than some are today, and as such they eschewed the number ’13’. So there are no seats in the NH House Of Representatives Hall with number ’13’ though there is a ’13’ in the 24-member Senate Chamber.

I always suspected that the numbers, e.g., ‘4-54’ in the image here, in some way reflected seniority. The numbers represent the seat number in the Hall allocated to that member by the Speaker of the House. The 400 seats are divided into 5 sections as shown in the seating diagram below. So the first number of a seat number is the section number, in this case ‘4’. The second number is the seat number within that section. So in this case it is seat 54 in section 4. The speaker gives the best seats to the VIPs.

I found this in the 'New Hampshire Youth Network Advocacy Handbook' at breathenh.org. I couldn't find it on a State Website. Notice the absence of number '13' seats. Click to ENLARGE.

I found this in the ‘New Hampshire Youth Network Advocacy Handbook’ at breathenh.org. I couldn’t find it on a State Website. Notice the absence of number ’13’ seats. Click to ENLARGE.

Same handbook as previous seating chart. Thanks. Click to ENLARGE/

Same handbook as previous seating chart. Thanks. Click to ENLARGE/

Today Is The Infamous ‘Ides Of March’, Middle Of March, March 15.


Anura Guruge

A Roman mosaic for March, which appears top right in the graphic — March the first month of the Roman year BECAUSE that was the month the Roman armies would start to ‘march’ after camping for the winter! Yes march = March. Pretty neat stuff.

Ides of March‘, like so many other English phrases [e.g., ‘forgone conclusion‘, ‘a rose by any other name …’, ‘a sea change‘, ‘Et tu Bruté’], is common currency because it appeared in a Shakespeare play, in this case ‘Julius Caesar‘ — in the warning given to the dictator (but never Emperor) by a female soothsayer: ‘beware of the ides of March’. It just meant the middle of the month.

The early Roman calendar, c. 750 BCE, thought to be a lunar-based, had three fixed points for each month: Kalendae (Kalends), Nonae (Nones) & Idus (Ides).

Kalends (from which we got ‘calendar’) was the first day of the month.

Nones, thought to represent the half-moon, fell on the 5th or 7th of a month and was the 8th day BEFORE the ides!

Ides, thought to represent the full moon, fell on the 13th day of months with 29 days, and on the 15th day of months with 31 days, i.e., March, May, July & October.

The Romans, a strange bunch as you can tell from their numerals and togas, counted backwards from these three points — in the case of Kalends using the first day of the next month!

So to be fair, Ides was the easiest of days to work out, because it was either the 13 or the 15 depending on the Month.

So that is how we get the Ides of March.

But, in reality every month as Ides.

Yes, calendars are another topic that fascinates me and whenever I have sometime I learn about calendars. There is however a ton to learn, just even about the ‘Roman’ calendar we use — though I am slightly conversant with the Buddhist and Sinhalese calendars as well. The Sinhalese New Year, which falls on the same day each year is on April 14.

The most famous thing to have happened on an Ides of March. It changed the course and complexion of world history. The world would have been very different if Julius had ruled for another 20 years, as he easily could have.