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Amtrak Handling Of Philadelphia Train Situation Following Tragic Crash Beyond Unacceptable.

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by Anura Guruge

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Of course the derailment of Amtrak train 188, from D.C. to New York, north¬†of Philadelphia, last night, and the consequent loss of life (7) and injuries is a tragedy. We should not has as many train accidents as we do — not in the U.S. and not in 2015. This to me appears to be another instance of human error, excessive speed due to some form of impairment — who knows, the engineer could have been texting or browsing his new Apple watch.

As the media have also been quick to point out Amtrak, especially of late, is no stranger to accidents.

So how come Amtrak is acting CLUELESS about how to deal with the aftermath.

Amtrak should have a detailed, bang-bang-bang, plan as to contingency plans after an accident — with no two accidents ever been the same.

Amtrak’s latest post is as of May 13, 2015, 2:45 AM!

That is NOT acceptable in today’s Internet world. We should have more regular updates ESPECIALLY about the train service — NYC to Philadelphia and beyond — given that this is the MOST travelled of rail corridors in the U.S.

Why am I so put out. Because I am on train 177 from Boston to Philadelphia tomorrow. It is 1:30 pm Wednesday and Amtrak has NO idea whether they can get me to Philadelphia tomorrow or not. All I want to know is should I make alternate plans. They can’t tell me.

I don’t think that that is OK. They should be able to do better. Don’t you think an Airline would handle this better?

I do understand that in the scheme of things, with 7 poor people dead and countless others seriously injured, this may sound like small potatoes. But my point is that Amtrak should be MORE on the ball. They seem, and I have spoken with them, by phone, all at sea.