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(Re)Watch ‘Bobby’, The 2006 Movie, 48-Years And All That Seems To Have Changed Was Obama!

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access IMDb.com listing for movie.

The FULL MOVIE is on YouTube!

I had seen it in 2006 — when it first came on. It was on DISH this last weekend and I DVRed it and watched it a couple of nights ago.

Wow. Wow. WOW!

It was like a TIME WARP. It could so easily have been June of 2016.

We are still talking about the SAME ISSUES: the DIVIDES — racial, wealth, hispanics-blacks, voter suppression, ‘right to work’, vote-rigging and voting machines.

Scary. IF you are into politics you really should watch this (again).

Makes you THINK — which is always a good thing.

Where would we be, where would the World be, IF just one of the Kennedy brothers had been spared?

The ONLY thing that this movie did not presage was that there would be an Obama exactly 40 years later.

Great movie.

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by Anura Guruge

Our 1968 ‘BRG’ MGB Sporting Its New 1968 NH Scenic Number Plate.

by Anura Guruge

Taken by Deanna on her ASUS phone. I am currently camera-less

A cute, ‘value-added’ feature of New Hampshire’s car licensing — when it comes to “Antique Plates“. IF your car is qualified to have “Antique Plates”, and you indeed do have them, THEN IF you can find a NH number plate corresponding to the year of your car you can put that plate (or plates) on your car in place of the “Antique Plates”. We were told this, in detail, last September, when we got around to registering our 1968 ‘British Racing Green’ (BRG) MGB as an antique — which it is.

In October 2015 I bought the above plate, from eBay, for Devanee’s birthday. That they were a matching green and had ‘3’, ‘6’ & ‘9’ was a bonus — those being some of my favorite numbers. 

It took us till TODAY to finally get it mounted on the MGB. Part of the delay was that you have to go to DMV in Concord, NH with the new plate, an old plate and your registration and have the ‘year plate’ (e.g., 1968 plate) registered.

I couldn’t find TWO 1968 plates. I should look again. Of course, I am in the market. IF you have have two 1968 NH plates PLEASE contact me.

It is cool. Took the MGB out for a fairly long spin. Did good. We like it.

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by Anura Guruge

Topless, With Glee, In New Hampshire For The 3rd Time This Summer.

by Anura Guruge

This time it was in the  Green 1968 MGB
some of it with Devanee

(whose car it is supposed to be).

Other 2 Memorable Topless Occasions (so far) This Summer
— of 2016.

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by Anura Guruge

British Pride Redux (2 Topless) — July 17, 2016.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Taken by Deanna on her ASUS Android phone.

First time this year that we had all three of the British beauties out. The burgundy 2002 XJ8 is my car and as such gets used year round. I have also been using the black 1989 XJS, topless (of course), since around April. But the Green 1968 MGB had stayed in the garage, under wraps, until this Sunny Sunday. I had been trickle charging its (rather old) battery right through the winter, with occasional long breaks and much to my delight the MGB started, first time, even without me having to tighten the battery clamps.

So all three cars were out for the first (and since then last) time. Took both the MGB (with Devanee) and XJS (with Teischan) for spins — topless. It was fun.

Given that we got the XJS in June 2015 we have now had these 3 cars for over a year.

Here is the original “British Pride” picture from June 7, 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

Mount Major Trail, Alton, New Hampshire On Memorial Day, 2015.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

Attribution MIGHT be sought.

Reminded me of the tattered prayer flags you see in Nepal. Somebody must have tried to recreate that. Cute.

From “Belknap Range Trails”. Click image to access ‘belknaprangetrails.org’ posting — which is excellent — for these trails.

From “All Trails”. Click image to access ‘alltrails.com’ post for these Mt. Major trails.

This was actually the first time we have been all the way up to the Summit! It was good. Very rewarding. Wonderful views.

Click for brief Wikipedia entry for Mount Major.

We have, of course, given that we have lived in Alton, N.H., since 2007, ventured on the trail — but we never made it all the way because one or more of the kids would ‘give up’. Not so yesterday, Memorial Day. Devanee, having been to a birthday party in West Alton (and having been driven there, at her request, in her 1968 Green MGB), was having a ‘down day’. So I asked Teischan what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to go on a hike. That was good. Of late, now 9, she is becoming quite the tourist — and I am delighted. Yes, we had hiked the 2.5 mile, 600′ vertical drop, ‘White House Trail‘ when we were at Canyon de Chelly. She had enjoyed that. I was going to go to my old stomping ground, ‘Locke’s Trail‘ in Gilford — which I/we used to hike often, with Ulysses, when we lived in Gilford.

On Sunday, driving Devanee to West Alton, I had seen that Mount Major was packed. Cars parked on the side of Rte 11, about 1/4 in length each way — in both directions. So that was about a mile of parked cars — not counting the 50 or so that can be accommodated in the parking lot. Lot of cars, lot of people.

So as I was driving along, which must have been around 2:30 pm (because I had to do some book work before we set forth), I said “lets do Mount Major if it isn’t full”! It wasn’t. Most people had headed home. There were people. The parking lot was full — though we did find a place. You met a fair number of people and dogs but they were spaced apart. It was DEFINITELY not like being on an escalator — which is what it must have been on Sunday.

Interesting hike — and we only did the Blue, Main Trail to the top. Most of it is a walk in the park. Then towards the end it gets STEEP and you have to scramble up some granite scrabble ledges. A bit tricky. I had already done my 2.5 mile run up and down Prospect Mountain Road that morning! But I need all the exercise I can get. So it was a bit tiring on the ol’ knees. The dogs had gone on the run too. Taking Maya, on a lead, and having the Canon T3i (around the neck), was an impediment. Could have enjoyed it much more if my hands were free. But it was fun. Deanna, despite her bad back and bad leg, made it in the end, though it was a challenge. But she enjoys being able to finish a hike — all her doctors telling her that she must walk and that she must exercise.

Definitely recommend it. It is challenging at the end but rewarding. Give it a spin. You might even see us, given that I get a feeling that we might do this again.

Oh, it was overcast and cloudy and there was always a hint of rain. Would have preferred a brighter day at the top BUT that would have made it hotter. The prospect of getting caught in the rain worried me slightly. The granite ledges, when wet, would be dangerous. Plus the Canon T3i is NOT weatherproof! Must get a weatherproof camera.

We Join “British Cars Of New Hampshire”.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
. .
by Anura Guruge

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Now that we yet again have, after over a decade hiatus, a British car — the Green 1968 MGB — we had no choice but to join the “British Cars of New Hampshire” club.

They were no strangers to us as we have been to a number of their shows — most recently the “Show of Dreams” in 2013, in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

A number of the members had also been extremely helpful to me when I posted on “The MG Experience” forum. They urged me to join — though in reality no urging was required per se. I always intended to join. Now we have — and by we I mean Devanee & I, since the MGB is going to be Devanee’s car and she plans to start driving it in about 10 months. 

Another British car seems to be in our future. I have already started making phone calls about handing in our leased KIA Sportage in May — a month ahead of its lease end. Appears that that is permitted. I can return it any time after May 28, though the lease doesn’t end till June 27 (Deanna’s birthday). No, no … not a question of miles. It is a 36,000 lease and it hasn’t even done 30,000 yet. Doubt whether we can put 7,000 in the next 4 weeks. I just had it with KIA. Just want to see the back of it and get a British car.

The next British car will more than likely be an OLD Jaguar. Inexplicably I have never owned a Jag. How could that be. Yes, I came within 90% of owning an E-Type in 2001 — but that was when I lived a different life. E-Type are now beyond my dreams. Over the years I have owned (or had given to me as company cars) Triumphs (x4), Rover (x2) and MGs (x2) but never a Jag. Going to rectify that. Stay tuned. 

Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H.: Spring 2015 Has Sprung, The Crocuses & The Green MGB Are Out.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
. .
by Anura Guruge

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 Sunday, April 19, 2015.

Click to ENLARGE.

MGB pictures will have to be attributed to ‘yours truly’.

5152 x 3864 pixel (4.6MG) high-resolution images of
ALL of the MGB can be found here.

ONLY the FIRST MGB image here is in high-resolution. All the others are scaled down to 40%.

There was never any doubt that the Green MGB would get driven as soon as the roads were dry and the weather hinted of Spring. Well, that day, up here in the Lakes region of New Hampshire was today, Sunday, April 19, 2015. It was a glorious day. Lots of sunshine, all the snow gone, no wind and the temp. getting up to around 60°F.

The 1968 MGB started without much drama. I had been trickle charging battery, off the car, all winter, in my heated workroom. Given that we bought the car in mid-September and didn’t have it ship-shape and inspected till early December this was the first time we got to drive the car when it was warm. What a difference. The last time we drove it was December 30, 2014. The temperature was 18°F though we drove it topless. So a 42°F difference in temperature. Also meant that the car was ‘only’ in hibernation for 110 days. Could have been better, but it could have been worse too.

We drove it for nearly 50 minutes. Went all the way to New Durham and back — with lots of detours. Didn’t see any other convertibles. The ‘Sea Foam’ and other fuel treatment I used over the winter does appear to have made a big difference. It drove well. Lots of power and plenty fast enough. Has the classic British sporting car exhaust sound. It was fun.

We, Devanee & I (and it is Devanee’s car), got back and Deanna pointed out that her crocuses were out. That is pretty amazing in that we had at least a foot of snow over them this time last year.

So, indubitably, Spring must have sprung. The crocuses are out, the peepers are peeping like there is no tomorrow and the Green MGB is out.

Happy Spring.

Pictures taken by Devanee, with her phone.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day In New Hampshire. Reflect. Rejoice. Resolve.


Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and appreciate. I got this picture, with much thanks, from ‘rnbphilly.com’ 100.3 WR&NB.

Click to access video and read article.

Click to access video and read article.

Given that I have lived in New Hampshire since 1986, I clearly recall when Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was not a holiday in New Hampshire. In those days I used to work in Massachusetts and it was a holiday there. I remember Danielle going to school in New Ipswich when there was no mention of Dr. King and a holiday.

Town of Alton, New Hampshire where I have lived since 2007, to my embarrassment, does NOT celebrate MLK Day. Town Hall and other facilities, including dump, are open on MLK Day.

I also remember, quite vividly, the day in 1968 when Dr. King was assassinated — though I had no idea who he was at that stage. I had come to the U.S., for the first time, on September 4, 1967 — my 14th birthday (my father, a great one for anniversaries planning our trip from Ceylon to the U.S. such that we left on August 27, my parent’s wedding anniversary and arrived in New York on September 4, my birthday). We lived in Buffalo, NY and I was attending Kensington High School in Buffalo — just a few blocks away from the very urban, working class neighborhood with subsidized housing that we lived in. It was a big impressive school; very friendly and accommodating. It had a huge swimming pool in the basement. That is where I learned to swim — being able to swim being mandatory in NY. The school was integrated and I was too naive to know if there was any strife. I didn’t see any. Since I ‘messed’ about on a number of sporting teams, with singular lack of distinction, I interacted with a lot of black kids. Most found it funny that I couldn’t run fast. They would try to teach me to run. One of them would run backwards urging me to keep up with him. It was, as far as I could tell, a happy school. I only saw one real fight and it was between two white kids, one of whom I knew.

Anyway, this day in Spring, as the snow was melting, the Fire Alarm rang. We all trooped outside. There were a lot of kids. Not sure how many. But, it was SMALL compared to Ananda College, my school in Ceylon. That was three schools in one, kindergarten all the way up to ‘A-levels’: lower-school, middle-school and upper-school. It had 6,000 kids, all brown, all boys and (in theory) all Buddhists. Anyway, back to Kensington. As we were standing outside, a BUZZ started. Kids were getting agitated. No problems. Just agitation and groups of kids talking, animated. Eventually we all trooped back. No sooner than we got in the alarm went off again. There were three alarms that day. The story was that black kids were pulling the alarm in protest. That is how I learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his tragic assassination.

In 1991 NH changed its archaic ‘Fast Day’ to ‘Civil Rights Day’ — albeit with no mention of Dr. King.
In 1999, the ‘Civil Rights Day’ was officially changed to
“Martin Luther King Day”,
NH thus becoming the last state to have a holiday named after
Dr. King.

Kensington High School, Buffalo, NY, more or less as it was when I attended from September 1967 to June 1968. Wikipedia, from which I got this picture, tells me that it was closed in 2003 due to ‘academic performance and increasing student violence’. Wow. It was not in a gentile part of Buffalo even in 1967. Though my father was a Professor (at the State University of NY at Buffalo (SUNYAB)), I guess this was the best that he could afford in those days, us having just come across from a 3rd world country that did not permit its currency to be converted into hard currencies. Looking back, it never bothered me! Given that I came from a huge, 3-story house with 14 bedrooms, it had to have been a shock to the system to move to a 2 bedroom tenement house. But, I don’t remember having any issues. I guess I was just excited to be living in a foreign country that had apple pie and ice cream — which we didn’t have in Ceylon. I put on 20 pounds my first 3 months — which I am still trying to shed. I ate apple pie and ice cream every day for months … [Would still do, if I could.]

budu madura

Just one of the myriad buildings that were a part of the sprawling, campus-based Ananda College, Ceylon — in the 1960s. This was the main middle school building. I remember being in the classroom, at the very top. I, having much privileges and clout as the ‘Head Boy – Middle School’ (having also held that at the lower school) sat right by the window, on the left. The glass on the window was broken. My father had nationalized the school. So the teacher’s blamed all that was wrong at the school on my father. So, on a regular basis, I would get told that the reason that the window was not being repaired was my father’s fault. I had given up conveying these messages to my adoptive father.