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‘Lady Jane’ (1986) Movie — Outstanding, Enthralling & Entertaining.

by Anura Guruge

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Yes, it is old, but it does not come across as such. Right at the start I detected that the picture ‘quality’ was not 21st century, but it is very, very well shot and produced. Once you are in it you get caught up in how luxuriant the cinematography is.

It was on my Amazon Prime watch list. There is no new cricket because of the virus! So, I am forced to watch movies.

I am GLAD I watched this. I really enjoyed it and I learnt a LOT. And to I that is always a bonus and pleasure.

I am invariably shamed and embarrassed that my grasp of British history is rather tenuous. I know a million times more about papal history than I know of British. I would like to rectify it, but, alas, I think it is too late. So, movies like this, which are educational — in addition to being entertaining — are much appreciated and valued.

They do a good job trying to explain the historic context and what the issues are — i.e., trying to keep England from going under a Catholic monarch.

Though it is an historical story, onc can really watch it and enjoy it as a well-produced, lavish, period romance.

It was good. Very good. Highly recommended. Enjoy.

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by Anura Guruge


‘Mir’ (Peace), The First Modular Space Station Was Launched 31 Years Ago Today — February 20, 1986.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access Wikipedia entry for the ‘Mir’ Space Station.

It was in space February 20, 1986 to March 23, 2001. It was occupied in space for 4,592 days and made 86,331 orbits of the Earth. A total of 104 people, from 12 countries, spent time on Mir.

It was for a time the largest man made object in orbit — until superseded in every way by the International Space Station (ISS).

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by Anura Guruge

Sinhala New Year (Aluth Avurudda), 2016: Sri Lanka Stamps?

by Anura Guruge

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2012 stamp set with First Day Cover.



1986 Stamp Set with First Day Cover.


I had expected to find a Stamp Set for this year’s, i.e., April 14, 2016, Sinhala New Year, i.e., Aluth Avurudda. IF they did I could not find them — and please put me right. I will, of course, update this post.

Here is the link to the Philatelic Bureau of Sri Lanka. I couldn’t see any New Year related announcements.


Click image to access official Website.

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by Anura Guruge

Meteor Shower From 1P/Halley Comet, Eta Aquariids, Will Peak Over New Hampshire Sunday Morning, May 5, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

>> Lyrid meteor shower … — Apr. 20, 2013.
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The Eta Aquariids meteor shower, like all such showers, is an annual event; this one taking place between late-April and early-May.

As with all meteor showers, the meteors associated with shower are detritus left in the wake of comets; periodic comets such as Halley’s that make routine visits obviously leaving behind more matter in their trail each time they make a pass. The Eta Aquariids meteor shower is caused by the Earth crossing through the debris field left behind by 1P/Halley, with its 75.3 year orbital period, over the centuries.

Actually there is another meteor shower associated with 1P/Halley — that being the typically prolific, Orionids in late October. Having two showers associated with a ‘frequent’ visitor like Halley is to be expected. If nothing else, as should be fairly clear with all the attention that Comet ISON is getting, comet’s that are heading past Earth to circumnavigate the Sun have an inbound and outbound path, that crossed the Earth’s orbital path. So there are are two debris trails — and in the case of ISON, if it survives perihelion, Earth will be crossing those two paths, two weeks apart in January 2014. In the case of Halley, due to regular perturbations by Jupiter, its orbital path also changes, albeit not majorly, from trip to trip. So it, over the centuries, has laid down ‘rubber’ in different parts of the sky. Contrary to what you might read in the media, this meteor shower is not the result of Halley’s last apparition in 1986. It is debris left behind over the centuries.

Meteor showers, confusingly, are named after the constellation from which they appear to originate — though the constellation has nothing to do with the shower. It just provides astronomers with a reference as to where to find the shower. The constellation in this instance is Aquarius. Eta Aquariids the nearest distinguishing star, one of the brightest in the constellation.

I doubt whether I will get up that early to see this shower. I have seen quite a few in my time.

Comet Halley’s 75.3 year orbital path relative to the planets. From http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/

Halley on March 14, 1986, taken ‘close-up’ by European spacecraft ‘Giotto’ that was sent up as part of the ‘Halley Armada’ to meet-and-greet it. From NASA.