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Congratulations To Bangladesh On Their Historic Test Match Win Over Australia — In Dhaka.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access original from “CricInfo”.

What a ‘gripping’ match, so to speak — the whole match turning on grip the spinners, from both sides, were able to exert on the batsman, despite three big scores.

Day 3 & 4 riveting. I had to watch the highlights of both days, back-to-back, though I was pressed for time. I had to know who won. For much of the time it could have gone either way. Early on in Day 4 I thought Bangladesh and thrown away their chances. There were some dropped catches — though, to be fair, they were all hard chances.

Very impressed how they stuck to their task. When the target went below 30 I thought Australia would claw it back. Not to be.

Good Test match. Enjoyed all of it — albeit, in highlight form.

Who would have thought that Australia would be this vulnerable. It was quite the bowler’s pitch. That made it exciting. We should have more pitches like that. Makes for more riveting cricket.

Thank YOU Bangladesh. Well done and kudos. But, I suspect Australia will come screaming back on the 2nd Test, starting September 4, 2017.

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by Anura Guruge

India vs. Sri Lanka 1st T20I, at Pune, Feb. 12, 2016 — Atypically Dramatic; Unexpected Win For SL.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and goggle here. From ‘cricinfo.com’.

This as T20Is go was quite the barn burner in that it had mega-drama. 22-year old debutant, with the very impressive name of Chandrasekara Arachchilage Kasun Rajitha, gets a wicket with his 2nd ball and then his 4th — Sharma and Rahane (both poor shots). You wouldn’t dare write such stuff it you were writing a novel. India, reigning T20I champions, 7 for 58 in the 11th over. WOW. It was dramatic stuff. Ashwin, always an impressive figure, played one heck of an innings. Some atrocious fielding by Sri Lanka and, of course, poor batting by India.

Then it looked like Sri Lanka might CHOKE though I had hopes given that they do have the likes of Chandimal, who I do rate as a talented cricketer. In the end they pulled it off comfortably. Had to have been quite the shock for India — especially since this was a new, inexperienced SL squad. The 2nd T20I most likely will see a more resolute Indian side.

Lots of cricket. Can’t wait to see the South Africa vs England 4th ODI — in Pink — on Friday.

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by Anura Guruge

Willow Cricket — Sling TV: Pakistan v. Zimbabwe 1st T20 Is ON, Title Wrong.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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>> Sling TV, DishWorld & Willow Cricket.

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Good News. The Pak v Zim 1st T20, ‘live’, is on Willow TV (on Sling TV for those of us that get it via a Roku).

The program guide titles are wrong!

Does NOT say “Zimbabwe“. That is a bummer.

Had to call Sling TV (in Toronto, Canada) to sort it out.

The T20 is at 9:30 am (EASTERN) on Friday, May 22, 2015. So the title is wrong, BUT the match is there.


Contact me or Sling TV if you are still having problems.

Funny ‘Breaking The Sound Barrier’ Incident On CNN Last Night With Legendary Chuck Yeager.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the CNN video and write up of this interview of Chuck Yeager by Don Lemon, last night, Oct. 14, 2012.

Yesterday was the 65th anniversary of Chuck Yeager becoming the 1st man to break the Sound Barrier (~800 mph) in 1947.

As it happened, coincidentally, given that bad weather had delayed the jump a few times since last week, it was also the day that Austrian Felix Baumgartner became the 1st person to break the sound barrier OUTSIDE of a vehicle — i.e., he jumped from a balloon with a parachute and a special, pressurized space suit. (See below.)

Around 10:30 pm, most nights, before turning off the TV and heading upstairs for my 3rd shift of work, I typically flip over to CNN to catch their news update. Last night, being a Sunday, it was the ever irrepressible, always giddily enthusiastic Don Lemon as the anchor. So just as I flipped over, he was about to start a phone interview with Chuck Yeager, who was in Las Vegas. Chuck, now 89, had commemorated the 65th anniversary by being in the back seat of a U.S. Air Force F-15 jet that broke the sound barrier that morning — at the same time that Chuck had done so, so many years ago.

So Don, bubbly as ever, goes: “General Yeager, where you at the controls of today’s jet when it broke the Sound Barrier?


CNN had lost sound!

The CNN sound barrier had been broken.

Don didn’t even crack a joke about it!

Cracked me up. Talk about breaking the Sound Barrier. So graphic. The video shown above was the 2nd TAKE of that interview!

Click for ABC coverage of yesterday’s Baumgartner jump.