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Comet, 45P, Will Make 17th Closest (Known) Earth-Comet Encounter On February 11, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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Nothing to get too excited about. For a start, this same comet, 45P (where the ‘P’ indicates that it is ‘periodic’), flew by, even closer in 2011.

7.72 million mile separation is pretty respectable — 32x GREATER than the distance to the Moon.

So, don’t panic. Plus, it is quite a small comet, maybe a MILE across, max.

You may hear in the media that this the 8th closest approach by a comet. That is 8th closest as of 1950s when we really got good at measuring these distances — and you have to ALWAYS add, ‘KNOWN’.

This comet, 45P, even at this distance is unlikely to be naked eye visible!

So think of all the comet flybys our ancestors would have been oblivious to.

Also remember we are talking comets. Asteroids routinely whiz by much closer — as say did 2000EM26 in February 2014, with just 2.1 million mile separation.

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by Anura Guruge