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Canon, Shamelessly, Has Already Reneged On Promise Of A ‘Control Ring’ On Canon RF Lenses.

by Anura Guruge

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Though it was pre-announced, Canon in the last few days announced the availability and the pricing for the RF 24-240mm zoom. I hadn’t looked at it much previously because it was not available.

As soon as I looked at it I noticed the absence of the RED Control Ring. Looked harder. It only has two-rings: one for zooming the other for manual focus. IT is a bona fide RF lens, so where is the Control Ring?

I went looking. Here is the answer. It does NOT have a DEDICATED Control Ring!

When you are using auto focus (AF) the focus ring can be used as the Control Ring, BUT that does not work in manual focus mode.

That is very poor and disappointing. Shame on YOU Canon. Talk about breaking a promise so early.

Well, does NOT matter. I will not buy this lens. I wasn’t going to buy Japanese anyway until they stop commercial whaling.

My new Tamron 28-300mm, with vibration control (VC), has better reach, decent image quality and a CONTROL RING because I use it with an adapter that has such a ring. So, Canon you know what you can do with your new 24-240.


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by Anura Guruge

The New Canon EOS RF 24-240mm Lens & Canon EOS RP Camera May Make Me Flip-Flop Back To Canon.

by Anura Guruge

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That Nikon does not have a native Z-series 24-240 mm (or close) all-in-one zoom kills me. I have a 24-240mm on my Sony a7 II and it is what I use 95% of the time. That is a good all-purpose zoom for I.

What I hate about the Canon EOS R family is the lack of In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS). But, as Canon points out they do offer 5-stop Image Stabilization (IS) on some select RF lenses, the 24-240 being one of them.

Then the other lens that I might initially consider, the very-affordable 35mm MACRO also has IS.

I can live with just these two lenses for a long time. I really am not that fussy. Yes, I would like a decent f/1.4 50mm, just in case, BUT for this I am willing to consider an adapted lens.

And then there is the NEW Canon EOS RP.

Much more to my liking than the Canon EOS R. 30MP was overkill for I. I do not need that amount of resolution. I also hated the top LCD window. Don’t need it. Just adds weight and complexity. I have a 3″ LCD that has all the same info. So, the EOS RP is a much better match — though the 250 shot battery life is crushing (though I do walk around with 3 batteries for my Sony a7 II).

So, back to the drawing board again.

I want that 24 -240 and the Canon EOS RP looks like a good fit for it. Small and light. Ideal for my needs, especially when hiking. At 65 I really am not that keen about lugging 6 lbs of camera gear around.

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by Anura Guruge