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‘Jet.com’ Is Up & Running: Sure The Prices Are Discounted, But Selection Limited & A $35 Cap On Free Shipping.

.jetbannerAnura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Well, just past midnight, with another chapter of the latest book done and dusted I decided to check whether ‘Jet.com‘ was online — as it was supposed to be.

It was. Though I had not received my promised e-mail giving me 3-months free membership that offer was available to all — as an introductory inducement. Jet interests me on multiple fronts. We buy a fair amount of stuff from Amazon. At a minimum we get 3 deliveries a month from Amazon, and often 3 deliveries a week. So if I can really save 10% to 15% that could start adding up. Plus I own a couple of shares of Amazon (here and there) and I write a LOT of Amazon options — and I mean A LOT! So anything that can influence AMZN stock prices has my undivided attention.

I started by checking on cameras since that would give me a true oranges-to-oranges comparison. First thing I discovered and I suspected that this would be the case. Selection is VERY LIMITED. Very limited. So that is a bummer. Unless this gets better Jet will never really challenge AMZN.

So lets start with this Fuji camera.


It is $799 with Prime at Amazon & $798 .95 (with free shipping) at Buydig.com. That is one heck of a SERIOUS discount — and in this case they don’t even show the Amazon equivalent. This could make a difference. If I am buying a $800 camera a $47 discount CANNOT be sneezed at.

So here is another, this one having the comparison pre-listed to make it easy.

$23.94 off a $399 camera. A 6% discount. NOT the 10% to 15% promised BUT $23.94 is worth saving.

And then this and I am in the market for one of these (to store all the pictures that we take with about 6 different devices in ONE PLACE).

That they only carry, as yet, a limited selection of products is a definite drawback. But they will be definite bad news for Buydig.com. I feel bad for them since they try hard.

Well over the coming weeks I will always check Jet before I buy anything from Amazon. But as an AMZN shareholder I am not too worried right this minute. That could change. Amazon might start discounting their products!