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If You Are Waiting For A Tax Refund From The State Of New Hampshire State Best To Call After 3 Months.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE. “revenue.nh.gov/faq/interest-dividend.htm”.

‘They’ have up to 3 YEARS to send you a refund check.

Yes, you read that correct. 3 YEARS!

After 3 months they start paying you interest (though it can’t be much). However, due to this interest payment, to save the State money, they process refunds starting with the HIGHEST AMOUNTS owed. So if you refund is for ‘peanuts’ you could be waiting a long time.

All refunds have to be MANUALLY checked and authorized.

If your return was not electronic there will also be the delay while the forms are scanned and entered into the system.

But, the GOOD NEWS.

After waiting OVER 3 months call 603-230-5920.

At least in my case, when I called earlier today, ‘she’ could NOT have been more helpful. Absolutely delightful — from the getgo. She even called me back 20 minutes later to say that she had my refund approved and that I should get a check in 2 to 3 weeks! Wow. But, that is NH State. On the whole very helpful and alway cognizant that they are there to help us.

So, IF you are waiting for a refund, wait 96 days then call 603-230-5920. IF you are lucky you might get the same lady I did. I won’t tell you her name. That would not be fair.

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by Anura Guruge