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‘SplendCare’ Portable ECG/EKG Monitor, At $79, Better Than $99 KardiaMobile.

by Anura Guruge

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Two ECG traces — one from SplenCare other from KardiaMobile.

Notice, they look very much alike. That is GOOD.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. My 5-star review at Amazon. Use link above to get to Amazon listing.

OK, I am lucky enough to be able to have BOTH, the $99 AliveCor KardiaMobile & the $79 SplendCare unit.

As you can see from the two plots above the readings I got from the two, despite the $20 price difference, is very much the same.

Given that equivalence, I have to say that I prefer the less expensive SplendCare unit more, and it would be the one that I recommend.

What is my main reason. Bluntly put, much less hassle. SplendCare, with its cute, built-in screen, is a standalone unit. Take it out of the box, charge it and BANG you get a reading. You don’t have to download an APP, register, wait for a doctor to do the first reading etc. That is way cool. Plus, unlike the KardiaMobile it is not obnoxious. With the ‘Kardia’ it is always ’10 questions’ before you can get started. Not so with the SplendCare. Pleasure to use.

Yes, I did install the Windows APP. Easy enough. And downloading the ECG readings via USB was a piece of cake. So, that is the key theme …. easy, easy, easy. I liked it.

If you need a ECG unit get the SplendCare for $79. Money well spent.

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by Anura Guruge