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The Historic “Tower Of London” Paul Cummins’ Ceramic Red Poppies, All 888,246, SOLD OUT.

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by Anura Guruge

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Well that is all good news. I am happy.

Click here to go to the ‘6 charities’ referred to in the notice.

OK. Given my wont and bent I did some sums. The poppies were £25 each (without shipping and handling).

So 888,246 poppies should have generated £22.2 Million. [At the current £1 = $1.46 that is $32.4 million. Not shabby at all, at all.]

[There are saying that they only sold 860,000. That would have generated £21.5 Million. I can believe that 28,246 were given to folks, got damaged etc.]

So at £1.2 Million per charity they have distributed £7.2 Million. That is 32.4%.

OK. Yes, there were costs. I assume Paul Cummins got a cut too. But, 32.4%. Hhhmmm.

Yes, they say that more might be distributed. I hope so.

Am I the ONLY one who has done the sums. I would have liked to see the number closer to 50%.

I just checked eBay. True to the policy they instituted, there are NO ceramic poppies per for sale. Just a lot of expensive artwork and posters.

I have mixed feelings about this. How long will they keep the policy in place. What happens IF my kids want to sell my poppy 10 years from now. I think it would be good to have a 1 year moratorium. Then it should be a free market.

I checked the Web as a whole. Couldn’t find any so to speak. So, GOOD JOB.