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Successfully Installed A TP-Link AC750 On My Backup (TDS) Network.

by Anura Guruge

Click for Amazon listing.

Click for Amazon listing.

Click to ENLARGE. Our network 3.5-years ago. Much has changed. I just haven’t documented it. Click to ENLARGE.

3.5-years ago, i.e., January 2015, when I first got the (then v. high-speed) 75Mbps Metrocast Internet service I did some extensive research into up-and-coming Wi-Fi routers. I discovered TP-Link. By then I had been using Wi-Fi routers for nearly 15-years and knew what to look for.

TP-Link impressed me, and I have not been proven wrong. The I then got cost me $170. I do not regret getting it. It is now down to $100.

Last Friday, during a t-storm, the CHEAP AND NASTY ‘ActionTech‘ Wi-Fi router that TDS had given me gave up the ghost. I was not upset. Actually kind of relieved. It was a GARBAGE router. Only one Wi-Fi channel and that was slow. So, I opted to get my own rather than bother even telling TDS.

I decided to go with TP-Link, on the ‘known devil‘ principle. I didn’t want spend too much money since I plan to totally overhaul the whole house with new Wi-Fi technology ‘soon’. Plus, this is our backup network — with only 45Mbps bandwidth. Our main network, from Atlantic Broadband, delivers 200Mbps.

Hence, the inexpensive TP-Link AC750. Plus, it looked cute. It doesn’t look as cute ‘in person’ as it did in the pictures, but it is OK.

Easy enough to configure. But, here is the CRAZIEST thing. It is 3.5-years newer than my Archer C9 AC1900, but it doesn’t have a pictorial interface that shows you the status of the router schematically. That surprised me.

It was baptism by fire. Four hours after I got it working I had to unplug it again because we had another major storm. Getting it hooked back on was easy enough.

From the little I have seen of it, I like it. Fingers-crossed.

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by Anura Guruge