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I Sold My Full-Frame ‘Canon EOS RP’ On eBay Today — 1-Year After I Got It.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.


Did NOT plan it as such — sell it after 1-year.

NO. I did NOT need the money. SMILE.

I just realized I had NOT used it in over 2-months. And that is my rule with cameras. IF I haven’t used it — get rid of it.

Last picture I had taken with it.

That was on January 28, 2020!

Not good.

It had to go.

Obviously I am still taking pictures every day. But, not with my Canon. I like my ‘new’ Google Pixel 4.

I am happy with what I got on eBay. I ended up selling the grip, my Canon RF 35mm (which I had BARELY used) and my control ring adapter. Still have two other items to sell. I am good.

I have NO CAMERA! Wow. Just my Google Pixel 4. Kind of feel naked.

Yes, I have an idea as to what I might get. NO, it will not be full-frame. It will not even be APS-C or even 1″!

Yes, I am going back to TINY sensor. I am going to get a TRAVEL compact. The Pixel 4 doesn’t zoom far or do macro that well.

I will keep you posted.

One of the 1st pictures I took with it.
April 17, 2019.

Funny. I wrote a book about getting this camera.

My accidental book!


Camera’s gone. But, the book is forever! That is life. That is why I write books!

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by Anura Guruge

Accidents Happen — In My Case I Wrote & Published A BOOK, Yes A Book, Accidentally.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access my ‘accidental book’ on Amazon.

The cover. Click to ENLARGE to admire. Picture I took, last August, at ‘Hershey Gardens’, Pennsylvania.

Some pages from the inside.

When you write and publish as much as I do, accidents happen!

I had over 31 real books published prior to this. So, I am entitled an accident. SMILE.

This is what I say in my blurb, for this, my accidental book:

“Accidents happen. Arundhati Roy, the celebrated Indian author said: ‘All my books are accidental books’. I wish I could say the same. For good or for bad all my books have not been accidental. But, this one sure was – as I try to explain in the ‘Preface’ to this accidental book. When you write (and publish) as much as I do, and for as long as I have done, you should be entitled to at least one accidental book. Well, I am claiming this to be that.That should come as a great relief to the likes of David Busch the doyens of ‘Camera Books’. I have no intentions, whatsoever, of trying my hand – and luck – at writing a camera book. I do not have the expertise, experience, diligence and temperament to write a halfway acceptable camera book. So, this is NOT a real, or for that matter, even a pretend, camera book.This book really is not for public consumption. The title should make that somewhat obvious. A ‘crib sheet’ is not something that one – especially a onetime professional writer with over 30 ‘non-accidental’ published books and over 375 technical publications in print – usually sets out to publish and share with the world and sundry. This was a book I had not intended to write! It truly, in every way and every sense, was an accidental endeavor.I created the title, rather dumb I will admit, on Amazon ‘accidentally’. Amazon will not let me delete it. Fastidiousness is one of my many foibles. I could NOT abide having a book title on Amazon that was ‘empty’. That looks bad. Made my other books look bad. So, I set out to write a quick ‘accidental’ book to make things right. That is what this book is all about. Nothing more, nothing less. My accidental book.It really is not for public consumption. Just a set of words and pictures to ensure that an accidental book title had a body to go with. Sorry. Thank you. Smile.”

P.S., I will NOT be counting this in my book tally, going forward!

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by Anura Guruge