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Alton Central (ACS) School Board Voting, July 22, 2013, To Give Superintendent, William Lander, An ‘Off-Contract’, ad hoc ‘Bonus’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Alton Central School Board meeting

Click to access YouTube video of July 22, 2013 Alton Central School Board meeting.

I talked about this in my prior post.

This was the proposal to give the Superintendent, William Lander, a means to accrue sick pay (up to 30 days) though this was not in the 3 year contract that he, amazingly, managed to finagle through this dysfunctional board.

I want you to watch exactly what happens. It starts at the 1:32 mark (1 hour 32 minutes into the video).

The issue here, as Steve Miller, repeatedly points out is very basic and simple.

The Superintendent, William Lander, extracted an unprecedented 3 year contract from this Board. This sick pay benefit was NOT in that contract. Lander still has 2 years left of his contract.

So what Steve Miller is saying makes so much sense. Lander did not negotiate this as part of his contract. Now he is coming back, through the back door, with AN ADDITION to the contract.

Now as I have said before Lander owns this Board!

That even comes up. The Board won’t ask Lander to leave the room while they discuss his benefits!

This board is dysfunctional.

Also watch and notice that at least 2 members have GREAT DIFFICULTY trying to figure out how this addendum to the contract can be incorporated once the remainder of this existing contract has run out in 2 years.

This is the problem of having amateurs controlling multi million dollar public funds.

Two of the members, from what is in the public record, appear to have issues managing their own finances. But, they monkey around with public funds.

Watch how the voting proceeds. Watch WHO seconded Terri’s, immediate, without discussion, motion to APPROVE this bonus to Lander.

This board has to be held accountable at some point.

Steve Miller cannot fight all these battles on OUR behalf on his own.

Alton Central School (ACS), N.H.: Intriguing School Board Meeting, July 22, 2013. More People Really Should Attend.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The BIG headline is that they are back to talking about costing out an addition, and Steve Miller of all people got that ball rolling. So the ‘contingency’ plan to move the back modulars closer to the permanent buildings, which was backed by the administration was put on hold. There was a brief discussion about the costs for 4 to 6 room additions. But, one key point, as far as I was concerned, was never really discussed. I thought that if there was any addition, even if it was just one room, the entire school has to be brought up to code and that that was where all the real costs were. That did not get discussed. I was going to get p and ask about it. But, between Deanna and I we had asked upwards of 8 questions — more from Deanna, than from me, for a change. So, I decided to leave it for another day. So deja vu all over again.

Other than the two of us there were only 3 other parents present — and one of them is employed by the school. I wish more people would attend. A lot of ‘crazy’ stuff happens.

Let me give you some headlines.

1/ The Superintendent, who managed to wrangle a 3 year contract from this Board last year, tried to get another compensation hike by requesting (through his friend & associate the ‘business manager’) a recommendation that he be allowed to accrue up to 30 days of sick pay — which he could, when he leaves, cash in. Steve Miller, rightly, pointed out that this was not in the negotiated contract and that it should not now be added to it since it was a chance to the T&Cs. But, the Board Chairs, Sandy Wyatt and Terri, voted for it — though Sandy Wyatt did look a bit sheepish. Steve Miller voted against and after an agonizing wait, Carlos Martinez, joined with Steve. Krista was not present. So it was 2-2 and the motion, thankfully, was not passed. But, this proved my point. If Krista had been there the Superintendent would have got his wish. Scary.

2/ All of those that work for ACS are entitled to a $2,000 year ‘bonus’ if they opt not to get health coverage through the school (because, for example, they get coverage through their spouse). Steve Miller, again, questioned the NEED for this. The administration claims it is an incentive. They voted on Steve’s motion to drop the $2,000. Carlos did NOT vote with Steve. So Steve, as was always the case last year, lost. This time 1-3. To me there is an easy fix. Everybody should pay a token amount, say, $25 a month for their health insurance. That would do away with the need to pay a bonus.

3/ Steve Miller, again to his credit, question the principal, Sydney Legget about her claim that only 1 kid was affected by the school bus snafu. She now admitted that she heard of two other cases the next morning. Yea. I couldn’t get a clear view of the skyline from where I was seated to see if there were any pigs flying!

4/ Though I knew the answer, just to make sure it goes on the record, I got up and asked whether they could confirm that there was an independent, 3rd party investigation in progress about a serious bullying allegation at ACS. The Superintendent confirmed that there was indeed an investigation. I asked whether we would be given any details of it. NO. Remember, we are paying for this. But, it is closed-door. Trust me, nothing is going to happen. There is another meeting today, Tuesday, July 23. But, the Board will just brush it under the carpet. But, at least we now have it on record that an investigation did take place.

5/ Deanna and I both brought up bullying. You can watch it on TV.