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Reconciling Acceleration Of Philadelphia Amtrak 188, by Brandon Bostian, With Possible Projectile Is Hard To Do.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge

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One could, and lawyers will, argue that Brandon Bostian accelerated, per his ‘flee or flight’ instincts, when he heard, saw or felt a projectile hit the train. And in the end it would be just his word on that.

That he can’t remember anything is so convenient to him and his lawyers.

But is it the normal the thing to do — accelerate a train to THAT EXTENT IF one believes one is under attack?

I, like others, are fairly sure that NO PROJECTILE on its own caused the acceleration.

The acceleration was done by Brandon Bostian — by the use of the accelerator lever. No projectile was involved in that.

So the only argument is whether the prospect of more projectiles is what caused him to accelerate. I am sure his lawyers will milk that to death.

I personally think the projectile or projectiles were a coincidence and now a Red Herring.