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Seriously Considering Switching To ‘Foxit’ ‘PhantomPDF’ In Preference To Adobe Acrobat.

by Anura Guruge

I have been using ‘Adobe Acrobat‘ for decades — since the mid 1990s!

I have never really got to like it. I think of ‘Acrobat’ as a pain.

I have had ‘Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro’ since about 2009. I am OK with it. It does what I need.

But, ‘Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro‘ is NOT supposed to work with ‘Windows 10’ & the next PC I get will have to have ’10’. 7 no longer gets security updates.

The latest Acrobat prices are CRAZY. Yes, I can afford to get it, BUT it feels like exploitation — especially given my limited need & use of Acrobat.

So, I am going to give ‘PhantomPDF‘ a try.

Yes, of course, I will keep YOU posted. Cheers.

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by Anura Guruge

Perfect Background Music — A Bhajan At That — For Indexing A 500-Page Book.

by Anura Guruge

The YouTube video.

Click to ENLARGE. My Adobe PDF-based, unique indexing method.

When I am writing I need absolute silence. I have to focus. So, no music or other distractions, whatsoever, even in the background. Has to be quiet. Still.

Not so after I have finished writing. Often when I am completing the production of a book (and I am on my 31st, I think) I like some soothing music — to keep me going.

This is very true when I am indexing a book. I still index my books by hand. The so called automated methods are too cumbersome and unreliable. 40-years ago I, while working for IBM, I wrote an indexing program for computer program listings. If I was as good at programming as I then was, I could try and write one. But, for now I index using my own unique method.

I use the Adobe PDF search function. I already have the book as a PDF. So, there is no extra step here.

I use Adobe Search on each word I am going to index and just transcribe the page numbers kindly & conveniently provided for I by Adobe. See image above. So, per that example, I know that the word ‘Domus’ appears on page 4 of the book. Now it is just a case of banging that page number, viz., 4, into the index entry. Very mechanical, but tedious and time-consuming.

So, I like to have some soothing music to keep me going. What music I choose depends on the circumstances. Thirty years ago I have used Garth Brooks. Oliver Mtukudzi has served me well for more than one book. I have also known to rely on ‘Chant‘ music. An Indian version of ‘chant’ is ‘bhajan’ — a type of devotional music. It can be hypnotic an very relaxing. So, today I went looking in YouTube for Bhajans. Found this one, serendipitously. It is long, and it worked well.

I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy.

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by Anura Guruge

Adobe Lightroom’s New ‘Ansel-O-Matic’ Filter Introduced April 1, 2016.

by Anura Guruge

'Ansel-O-Matic' filter in Adobe Lightroom

Click to access YouTube video by Adobe showing how this ‘Ansel-O-Matic’ filter is best used.

Way COOL. Much more impressive than the ‘Monochrome’ filter in my cameras. Only problem, I don’t have Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. 

by Anura Guruge

Google Chrome Unbeknownst To YOU Is Hogging A Ton Of Your Computer Power — Apply This Simple, Safe Fix.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013....

Anura Guruge

IF you use Chrome, and you really should, since it is the BEST Web browser, by far, around, you right now are losing a LOT of computer power because of a bug between Chrome and Adobe Flash.

You won’t see it. It just results in HUGE unwarranted PC CPU usage — which will slow down other work, generate lots of unnecessary (and always damaging) heat and if you are using an unplugged laptop SAP your battery life.

If you want to get technical it has to do with the Flash ‘Shockwave’ plugin used by Chrome to display Adobe Flash content … and many, many, many Websites still use Flash for their animation.

This Plugin (or a part of it) is going into a loop.

There is a NEW Flash version floating around. Install that. Not sure whether that will fix this problem.

But, this easy, safe fix that I am going to tell you WILL. I applied it, without any problems hence, 2 nights ago.

CPU usage is NOT a problem on this PC. I have 4 genuine Intel i7 cores that run 8 threads. So, I only noticed this bug BECAUSE the CPUs were generating excess heat because of the tight loop. As I have mentioned earlier, this PC has 7 fans — the speed of the four chassis fans controlled by the Motherboard based on CPU temperature. Most of the times these fans run ‘quiet’. BUT, if I hear them speed up and the PC sounding like a jet revving up for take off I know that my CPUs are running hot — even though ‘hot’ in this case means that there is still 40% MORE heat capacity left! Yes, I over-engineered this PC.

Chrome has its OWN Task Manager.
Very safe and easy to USE.
Just hit SHIFT + ESC.

Here take a look at what the Chrome Task Manager looks like.

Notice the Plug-ins at the bottom. IF you see that the ‘Shockwave Flash’ has MORE than ‘1’ against its CPU use … YOU need my fix.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Fix is very simple. I found it on the Web, on a Chrome Forum, after some fast but incisive Googling.

Type in chrome://plugins into the URL (Address) trench. When the Plug-ins display in a Chrome tab, go to the RIGHT HAND top and click ‘+ Display‘.

You will then see the TWO entries, files, for Adobe Flash Player … at the Top.

Just disable the entry that has ‘PepperFlash‘ in its file name. That is it. You are all set. Bob, once again, will be your uncle.

No charge. Free advanced Tech Support from Anu.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Why Hasn’t IBM, The Granddaddy Of Computers, And An American Treasure, Been Ask To Fix Bloody ObamaCare Website?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Even without me, they can still be awesome. A true IT giant. A U.S. treasure.

This whole disaster, as I keep on pointing out, smacks so much of outright, unmitigated fraud.

It also highlights, indubitably, that Obama is beyond incompetent. He is a disaster. Yes, I now agree. Worst President ever and I AM VERY SORRY that I worked like a black to have him elected and re-elected. Yes, I had my doubts. I am, to the amazement and distress of some, an unashamed Hans Eysenck acolyte — he at his peak in Britain as I was growing up. So, I was worried that he might not be able to cope. BUT, I never, ever, imagined that he would prove to be such as total and utter disaster, an unmitigated failure. I am SORRY. I will not, for the rest of my life, make that mistake again.

Other than because of outright corruption and fraud why would you give such a crucial, multi-million, possibly multi-billion contract to BIT PLAYER IT companies — especially the Canadian-owned CGI with its horrible track-record.

Kickbacks and payola.

Where is Bryan ‘bloody’ Sivak 00 the supposed architect of this tower that collapsed. Why isn’t he being hauled up and investigated. I see that he has stopped Tweeting. Might have FLED the country to avoid having to answer awkward question.

Notice that when they talk about the scam-artist contractors involved in this disaster you don’t hear the names of GREAT U.S. IT Super-GIANTS like IBM, Oracle, EDS, Cisco, HP.

All you hear is bloody Canadian CGI.

Do YOU realize that the world, and that includes China, Korea, India, Germany, France, Britain, are LAUGHING, near hysterically, at the U.S.

This is such an insult to U.S. IT companies and people.

As I have been lobbying since 1988, IT is the ONE Technology Sphere where the U.S. has no equal.

AirBus now competes with Boeing.

Hyundai/Kia and is eating GM’s lunch.

But when it comes to IT, Intel, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, Groupon, Twitter, Amazon, has NO COMPETITION.

U.S. IT is the envy of the universe.

And now this. I always knew that Eysenck was onto something.

IBM is by no means perfect (after I left). But, IBM doesn’t screw up like CGI. IBM has pedigree and with that pride.

What about EDS?

Obama is so stupid and corrupt.