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“Twin Reincarnation” In 1950s England Has Me Intrigued As To Buddhist Explanation.

by Anura Guruge

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Reincarnation is one of my favorite and enduring hobby-horses. That is mainly because reincarnation defined my early life. I was accidentally adopted by an extremely devout and activist Buddhist family. My early life revolved, endlessly, around Buddhism. There would not be a day in my life when I could escape Buddhism or active interaction with Buddhist monks. I would be at a Buddhist temple most days of the week. Reincarnation was the end-all and be-all of the Buddhism I was inculcated in. Buddhism was reincarnation. We lived to be reincarnated.

Then I left Ceylon. Was sent off to boarding school and then university by my adoptive parents. I finally got space and time to do my own thing. I started thinking about religions, Buddhism and reincarnation — much of it through a heady haze of unbridled sexual liberation.

I realized that, despite having seen, first hand, so called irrefutable proofs of reincarnation, I could not reconcile the science of reincarnation. I had too many questions that had no logical answers. See this post … for a start.

I eventually realized that I could NOT believe in reincarnation.

Then, since my Buddhism was all reincarnation I realized that I could also no longer be a Buddhist. This was in my early 20s.

Buddhism had been my religion.

When I stopped being a Buddhist I stopped believing in ALL religions.

But, the belief in reincarnation still intrigues I.

So, this article about ‘Twin Reincarnations‘ in England, in the May 2019 of “Reader’s Digest” had me transfixed.

Got me thinking, which is not hard to do.

What would be the Buddhist explanation to a Twin Reincarnation.

Statistics dictates that twins even triplets (and more) must be born to Buddhists — even identical twins and triplets.

Even if identical twins would not have the same fate ahead of them — we could even call it Karma. Though identical twins they would have separate lives — each contingent on the merits they acquired in their previous lives. So, why have twins in Buddhist families?

The HUGELY MAGICAL ‘system’ that implements Buddhist reincarnation doesn’t need to deal in twins. Twins are not important to Buddhist reincarnation. So, why have them.

Something to think about.

This “Unsolved Mysteries” article in RD, commissioned by RD, is pretty excellent. I was only familiar with one case — the airline hijacker that vanished. If you can try and get your hands on this article.

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by Anura Guruge

Alton (NH) Shooting By 11-Year Old Boy (UPDATE): Both Victims Are Now Dead, Boy Adopted.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access ‘Concord Monitor’ coverage. Google for more.


Click to access this April 3, 2019 post.

Boston & overseas media (e.g., U.K. ‘Daily Mail‘) have now disclosed her, viz. Lizette Eckert’s, Facebook profile and even some of the pictures therein.

I do NOT feel comfortable doing that. So, I am only showing PIXELATED versions. You can go looking in Facebook if you so wish.

Click to ENLARGE. Faces pixelated.

Appears that the father, James Eckert (48), died Friday evening following the shooting that took place around 7:30am. He had been shot multiple times!

The mother Lizette Eckert (50) was dead, when the police arrived, from a single gunshot injury.

As soon as I saw the pictures of the three kids I had a hunch that the two boys may have been adopted. That has since been confirmed in the media (e.g., U.K. ‘Daily Mail’). They look like they might be brothers. So, they might have been adopted together.

I can’t stop thinking about the poor 11-year old kid. That I have a 12-year old that I devote much of my life has much to do with it. Just trying to work out what is going through his head and how he is coping with it all. I even had to look up New Hampshire juvenile detention laws. I am not clear. Appears that they would have to have, under normal circumstances, released him. But, they say he remains in custody. Oh dear. I think of him wanting breakfast!


11-year old.

That he had easy access to a gun makes me livid. The father, I assume, was responsible for that.

We will never know the details.

I have to think that it had to have been serious for a 11-year old to do what he did. I hope there was no ‘abuse’. They lived in the woods and the kids were homeschooled. Not sure who saw the kids on a regular basis.

That he took off into the woods, in 35F weather, in his pjs, in what is deep snow bothers me too. He thought he could run. He thought he could get away. He had to have been scared. Not right for a 11-year old.

If you are thinking that my thoughts are mainly about the 11-year old, you are right. Last year I was taking care of a 11-year old. I know their demands and needs. All I can think is this poor kid.

I would love to know where he is from. He has, at a minimum, a lot of Indian (as in Far East Indian).

Very close to home on two counts. The shooting happened about 2.5 miles away, as the crow flies, from our house. We had driven by the road on Tuesday.

A 11-year old did the shooting. We have a 12-year old.

Though ours had been homeschooled for a year, she had gone to the local school, viz. ACS, for nearly 8-years. Was this a classmate? Somebody she knew? I knew of at least one child, albeit a 12-year old girl, who lived in that vicinity.

I am sure the other two kids are being well taken care of. They appear to have a ton of family. She has 875 Facebook friends!

The poor kids are orphans. This is such a shame.

I am so fed up of mindless folks talking about prayer as it relates to this tragedy. Too late now.

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by Anura Guruge

No Sympathy For Jeff Bezos; 53-Year Old Who Does ‘Dick Pictures’ Deserves To Be Exposed.

by Anura Guruge

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Why Jeff Bezos, 53-years old & the world’s richest man, felt a need to send ‘dick pictures’ confounds me.

He is 53. Has 4 kids.

I am not joking. I just don’t get it. He is past middle-age. Why does he feel a need to send ‘dick pictures’?

He totally deserved to be exposed!


I think he has issues. Something has got to be wrong. I am pretty sure that most 53-year old men do not send ‘dick pictures’.

He should be so ashamed of himself. Doesn’t matter that it is claimed that he has a BIG ‘dick’. He should not be sending ‘dick pics’. He is old enough to be grandfather.

I feel bad of his kids. One of them an adopted Chinese.

What he did was so wrong. A sick man.

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by Anura Guruge

Yet Another Hospital Mix-Up At Birth (In Italy) — Same As What Happened To Me In Ceylon (Sri Lanka), 62 Years Ago.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge

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From the U.K. Daily Mail from August 4, 2015. Click to ENLARGE and savor the ‘headlines’ here. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access the U.K. Daily Mail original.

This what happened to Lorena Cobuzzi and Antonella Zenga, in Puglia, Italy, 26 years ago was also, exactly, what happened to me — 62 years ago, in Colombo, Ceylon, at the “Private General Hospital“. Except 62 years ago they, I am sure, didn’t use bracelets — and to exacerbate matters, 90% of the babies born at that hospital would have been uniformly brown, with black hair and black eyes.

I explained my story in June of this year in this post.

I was told of this, nearly daily, since I was around 5. I guess that is why I grew up used to the idea. I was a hospital mix-up and the folks I called my parents were NOT my real parents. We could NOT have been any different. It was like a black couple having a lily white son. Chalk and cheese. That is how my adoptive parents worked out, quite early on, that I was not their son. There was no way I was related to them. C’est la vie.

Yes, I would like to meet the ‘other’ me. My kids, who still can’t quite work out the implications, calls ‘him’ the real me!

I am trying to make some inquiries. The hospital is no longer in existence. There were NO computers in 1953. The births would have been entered into a ledger. So we are looking for another brown boy, born between September 2 to September 5, 1953 at the “Private General Hospital”, Colombo 7, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

I Too Am “The Other Son” — Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Version.

prizesAnura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge

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People get confused as to why I call myself adopted and make references to my adoptive-father and adoptive-mother. It is because I too was “The Other Son“, the Ceylon version; “The Other Son” a very powerful Israeli movie about babies accidentally swapped (i.e., mixed up) in a hospital shortly after birth.

So that is what I am, a hospital mix up.

How do I know?

Because ever since I can remember, say around age five onwards, I would be told AT LEAST once a day, usually many times more, that I was a ‘mix up at the hospital‘ and that my REAL FATHER was a ‘GAMBLER’. Wow. Doesn’t that explain it all? I later worked out that ‘gambler’ in 1950, still very Victorian, Ceylon meant that my real father, my biological father, was a rake (in the British sense). A playboy. Yes, Yes, YES. It all adds up. The very boring, teetotal, academic, with zero interest in sports, who was afraid of dogs, could NOT have been my father. It all made sense. Yes, it would be my adoptive-father who told me, daily, that I was ‘mix up at the hospital’ and how much he regretted that he never got his real child. But, my adoptive mother would also tell me the same thing, as did other relatives, and sometimes even the servants. I was the MISTAKE. And I am proud of it.

Why they did NOT fix it when they discovered the mistake — which was pretty obvious since I was nothing like my adoptive parents — is a mystery. I never asked. I guess I thought it was outside my control. Plus, I guess, deep down I did NOT want to be taken away from my “Ambili Amma” — Moon Mother — my adoptive mother’s mother, the person who brought me up.

My adoptive parents did NOT have much to do with me when I was growing up in Ceylon, 1953 – 1967. It was very Victorian. But rather than a nanny, I had my Ambili Amma. She is the one who brought me up from the time I came home. She is the one who made sure I had food, clothing, care and some amount of love. My adoptive parents were very busy. My father was a hot shot with multiple VIP jobs — Assistant Secretary of Education, Vice-Chancellor of a Buddhist university, a famous author etc. etc. My mother taught Pali at a Baptist Girls School. But they had a beyond hectic social life. They had engagements every evening, every day. They were part of the creme de la creme of Colombo society. So every day around 4pm my adoptive mother would start getting ready to go out. My father would arrive from one of his many jobs around 6pm and then they would be gone. Did not matter. Ambili Amma was always there. The house, a BIG house, was never empty. My adoptive mother’s youngest sister lived with us, as did a female cousin whose father had died. Plus we had servants and on top of that, at any given time, we might have another distant relative, usually male, living with us.

I saw my adoptive parents on a strict schedule. They would take me to school. That was when I mainly saw my adoptive father. 75% of the time we would pick me up, at 1pm, from Ananda College. We would then pick up my adoptive mother and her sister and come home for lunch. Those two car trips was when I mainly had interactions with my adoptive father. The rest of the time he was gone or working. Between 2 and 4 my mother, a teacher, would TEACH me. It was formal. That was basically the time I spent with her. The rest of the time she was gone or getting ready — and ‘getting ready’ was an elaborate process with lots of make up, getting hair put up etc. Think Victorian Britain and the Lady of the house. That was our house.

Then, when I was about 18 my adoptive father came up with a new line. He would tell people, most people, referring to me: “the devil looks after his own”. Nice. He was making it very clear that he was NOT my father — not that anybody needed to be told that. He, a very religious man (though 40% was for show because it helped with his politics), was disowning me and assigning my parentage to ‘the devil’. Yes, remember that gambler? I was always confused as to which devil was my real father — whether it was the rather ineffective Buddhist devil or the more, potent and interesting Christian devil. I was just glad that it just wasn’t the real devil that made my life a daily hell, i.e., my adoptive father.

So that is the story.  I am a hospital mix up.

I should have done this earlier BUT I am now going to try and find out who my biological family was. It would be neat to meet the ‘real’ me! I assume he must still be alive, if not my biological parents. If they are alive I would love to meet them. Thank them for making me what I am. My real father has to be a character. I owe so much to him. He gave me the DNA that in the end, despite all the hardships I endured at the hands of my adoptive father, allowed me to lead a life where 99% I had a grin on my face.

Yes, one of my four kids, as is somewhat plain to see, is adopted and I made sure that I would try and be a good father to her because I knew, at first hand, the misery of being brought up by a father who hated you because you were not his — a hospital mix up.

I, Anura Guruge, the very proud and grateful son of a gambler that, alas, I have yet to meet.

All Buddhists, Especially Those In Sri Lanka, Should Be Ashamed Of What Is Happening In Myanmar (Burma).

nepalequake1aa1.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access original from U.K. “SkyNews”.

Google ‘refugees’, ‘Myanmar’ or ‘Burmese’ for many, many other articles.

I have over the last year repeatedly spoken out against the misguided, extremely insecure extremist Buddhists in Sri Lanka. The extremist Buddhists in Burma, the inspiration for what is taking place in Sri Lanka, are even worse!

There is hardly any coverage of what is taking place in Myanmar (Burma) these days — with the extremist Buddhists, just like in Sri Lanka, trying to purge the minorities.

In the last 48 hours I have seen headlines talking about “SAVAGE Buddhists”! That a decade ago would have been an oxymoron.

Savage Buddhists?

How could that be. It is a religion of compassion. A religion of tolerance.

I am NOT a Buddhist. But I grew up in an extremely activist Buddhist household. My adopted father, to my shame, became an extremist Buddhist (albeit in his old age) — as are many of my cousins (though age alone cannot be used as an excuse by them).

Growing up Buddhist I thought that tolerance was a virtue. Despite ardency of the Buddhism in our household we had Christians in the family and our BEST friends were Christians and Muslims. This is why extreme Buddhism in Sri Lanka, to me, makes NO SENSE. My adopted father’s BEST FRIEND was Senator Abdul Aziz (who at the time was one of the richest men in Ceylon). Because of kidnapping fears (mainly from the Catholics) I was ONLY allowed to approach two cars, after school, at 1pm — IF my father couldn’t be there because he had been detained at work. One was Uncle Amarasinghe’s car (and he was somebody that my father had gone to school with) and the other was Senator Aziz’s black Peugeot (driven by his wonderful driver). So 40 years hence when I see my adopted father supporting extreme Buddhist monks who advocate violence against Muslims it confuses me.

I have NO patience for extremist Buddhists.

I have already put forth my solution to curb some of their vigor. At a MINIMUM Pakistan, Bangladesh and UAE should REFUSE to play cricket against Sri Lanka. Ideally the cricketing world should do to Sri Lanka what they did to South Africa for ’20’ years. Boycott them until they renounce Buddhist apartheid.

This persecution of non-Buddhists by Buddhists has to stop — Worldwide. It is Wrong. What would the Buddha Say? He was not perfect, BUT I am sure of one thing about him — he would NOT have condoned violence. The notion of ‘savage Buddhists’ would have appalled him. So IF you are a Buddhist cut out this nonsense, not for you, not for me — but for the sake of the Buddha.

Second U.S. Catholic Bishop Has Hepatitis — This Time In Tyler, Texas. This Is Scary.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access post ...

Click to access post …

Not good. Could give the Church a bad name.

I checked to see how prevalent Hepatitis, a notifiable disease over there, actually is in Italy.

These two bishops supposedly caught it, in Rome, in September. They don’t, of course, have the numbers for that period — which was only last month.

But here are the numbers for Jan. – May 2013. 352 cases. So, I guess, and I could be wrong, you have to be damn unlikely to catch it — especially if you are a Catholic Bishop, a direct successor of the Apostles. What chances do mere mortals have if Bishops go around catching hepatitis in Rome.

Click to access report.

Click to access report.

North Dakota Bishop POTENTIALLY Exposing Catholics To Hepatitis: Where Does “Free Will” Come Into This?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click for NBC coverage.

Click for NBC coverage.

Though my ongoing work on papal history is now widely followed and accepted, I, never having been a Christian (adopted by a prominent Sri Lankan Buddhist family and then giving up on anything spiritual altogether), am often all at sea when it comes to Christian theology — despite having a number of scholars, including Fr. Anthony Churchill of the U.K., a Licentiate of Sacred Theology (S.T.L.) from Rome no less, at hand to answer my questions and TRY to steer me in the right direction (which is never an easy task).

I saw this story on CNN yesterday. It has been widely reported all over the place since. That he supposedly caught it from contaminated food in good ol’ (and ol’ indeed) Italy has me raising my eyebrows. Of course, possible. You would normally associate hepatitis from food from a Third World country — but then again, I know that there will be folks in Europe who will gleefully claim that Italy is now a Third World country. Shame.

But, this is where I get so confused and befuddled. What did these poor folks in N.D. do to deserve this? They go to Mass and now they have all this anguish. I haven’t pinged any of my theology experts as yet BUT I have a fairly good idea of the two themes that I will get back from them: ‘no micro-management’ and ‘free will’. I can understand the ‘no micro-management’ part — just look at Obama and ObamaCare (and yes, I do appreciate that Obama thinks he is God too — which is a problem). But, the ‘free will’. Don’t get it. These are the dilemmas that occupy my mind most of the day — precluding me from getting anything productive done or earning any money.

IF Sri Lanka Stupidly Decides To Leave THE Commonwealth I Will Start Claiming, Horrors Of Horrors, That I Am Southern Indian!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.The British Commonwealth of Nations - Together Poster


Anura Guruge

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Sometime last month Gambia, a tinpot nation in West Africa left the Commonwealth of Nations, i.e., MY Commonwealth, i.e, THE BRITISH Commonwealth. I heard about and it didn’t bother me a jot. Who has even heard of Gambia? Gambia doesn’t count. My honest reaction was, and true to form it was a good ol’ Commonwealth expression, ‘GROBR‘ — Good Riddance of Bad Rubbish. (Does it sometimes show that I used to be a rabid conservative WAY to the RIGHT of Margaret Thatcher?)

Well, now, supposedly inspired and emboldened by Gambia’s irrelevant (not to say irreverent) move the always MISGUIDED anti-British faction in Sri Lanka are jabbering about Sri Lanka leaving THE Commonwealth.

Sri Lanka Better Not.

As far as I am concerned it is the British what made us what we are today: for the better or the worse. Yes, I was born 5 years after Independence. But, I always knew on which side my bread was buttered (with butter from the Commonwealth).

If nothing else they gave us a superb, democratic parliamentary system. That is why we had the world’s FIRST FEMALE PRIME MINISTER. Without the British Sri Lankan women would still be confined to the kitchen. They also gave us a great education system, though I am not a great example, I am still thankful that my initial education was in Ceylon in what was a very British system. And we still have a wonderful railway system.


Our Queen. The Queen of THE Commonwealth, a proper queen at that.

Without the British we would never have had CRICKET. If Sri Lanka leaves the Commonwealth I will lobby the ICC, daily, to expel Sri Lanka from the ICC. I think most Sri Lankan males like cricket even more than they like sex — and obviously they must like their sex given our through-the-bloody-roof population growth.

I get daily e-mail articles from the Sri Lanka’s equivalent of Ann Coulter, though I am sure that she is not blonde and probably nowhere near as semi-attractive as the vampish Coulter — which alone is saying something. This woman is something else. I send ranting e-mails back to her but she won’t take my bait. I am sure I know what her root problem is. She sure doesn’t subscribe to my ‘an “O”-a-day keeps the doctor away’. She wants Sri Lanka to leave the Commonwealth. I had another e-mail from her to that effect this morning. I nearly choked on my coffee.

So, I hope I made my feelings clear. IF Sri Lanka leaves the Commonwealth I will no longer be from Sri Lanka. I am not sure whether I am physically capable of ever saying I am Indian. That might kill me. So, I might have to say that I am Bangladeshi. That would be easier. That I now have final confirmation, of something I have kind of always knew, makes all of this that much easier. I am adopted. So, I am not a Sri Lanka citizen and I am adopted to boot. So, what the heck.

OH! Sri Lanka is hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) next month. First time SL is doing so. So, this is the reason, in addition to stupid Gambia, that all this anti-Commonwealth garbage is being uttered by ignorant folks. Yes, it is true that SL in turn is getting abuse from the so-called Commonwealth White-Nations for its supposed human rights violations. Please give me a break. There was a civil war for 30 years.

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka official Website. Click to enter. Worthwhile visiting.

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka official Website. Click to enter. Worthwhile visiting.



Yes, Sri Lanka gets criticized too. Read article in the India 'The Hindu'.

Yes, Sri Lanka gets criticized too. Read article in the India ‘The Hindu’.

German Evangelical Floating Bookstore ‘MV Logos Hope’ Visits Sri Lanka.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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I had an e-mail this morning from one of my (many) cousins in Sri Lanka that he had visited the ‘Book Ship’ “Logos Hope”, at the (famed) Colombo harbor, and had bought himself an Atlas. He asked me whether I was familiar with the ship. I was not. I knew of the various floating universities, and even remembered visiting one in that very same harbor, 50 years ago.

He, as is his wont, send me an URL to a local newspaper with a story about the ship.

Click to access ...

Click to access …

Being the cynical soul that I am, I needed more ‘G2’ especially given the name. So, as is my wont, I Googled it.

Wikipedia, had all that I needed to know:

click ...

click …

All was clear and I fully understood the motivation and name.

I find it amusing that the ‘Daily News‘, that used to be quite a newspaper when I was young (albeit that being 50 years ago), totally missed the point.

My cousin too had not noticed. Not that it matters.

Missionaries, of all flavors, have been visiting Sri Lanka, with mixed success for nearly 3,000 years. All the major religions in Sri Lanka are obviously imports, viz. Buddhism (˜70% I think), Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. We don’t have many from the Judaic persuasion as this true story (retold by me (and you really must read it)) exemplifies — though there is a movement afoot (supported by a couple of my cousins) to prove that the (last) Buddha was born in Sri Lanka (as opposed to India). Yep, pigs will fly. My ‘immediate’ family, though I now realize I was adopted (actually a mix up at the hospital à la ‘The Other Son, was a mix of Buddhists, Baptists and Catholics, with my surrogate father (as opposed to my adoptive father), a Baptist.

OK, I will confess. Efforts to evangelize Sri Lankans, into any religion, bothers me. As the newspaper article indicates we tend to me ‘trusting’ folks, easily swayed. It is like giving candy to kids. But … My cousin was happy. He paid about $5 (in Rupees) for an good world Atlas from the U.S. He got a deal.