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That The ‘Duchess of Sussex’, ‘Meghan Markle’, Is Still NOT A British Citizen Cracks Me Up. Has To Be Security Concern!

by Anura Guruge

Click to access U.K. ‘Daily Mail’ original.

Of course we know that there can be exceptions. Plus, she has connections. She is pretty closely related to the ONE person, unequivocally, that can grant British citizenship by a mere pronouncement. I would bet the Queen is not aware. She must have assumed that it was a done deal long time ago.

She just went on a Royal Visit to Africa representing the Queen. It is NOT right that she did that not as a citizen. She met with Heads of State. There was a potential for security violations.

Not right.

I think it took me about 10-months to get my British citizenship and my adoptive mother was THINKING of calling (her friend) the Queen to see if she could expedite it. In that light this is even funnier.

I might have to write another letter to MY Queen. SMILE.

Click to access my post from 2017.

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by Anura Guruge

“The Anglophile Channel” On Roku.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access their Website.

I just saw this in the weekly “Roku Guide” e-mail blast that I receive.

My adoptive mother was an Anglophile. I am NOT sure I can call myself an Anglophile per se. I am a very local, patriotic and homesick British subject and have been for 35 years. I think citizens are supposed to automatically be fond of their country.

This looks interesting, but not for I. I am not much into celebrities. I prefer to watch the show, which is why I subscribe to “Acorn TV” (below) on Roku. But, I just wanted to make sure YOU knew about it.

P.S., ‘Acorn TV’ is good and just a ‘few minutes ago we watched Season 2 Episode 2 of “Good Karma Hospital” on it.

Click to access ‘Acorn TV” Website.

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by Anura Guruge

Would You Get Operated By A HEAVILY Tattooed Surgeon?

by Anura Guruge

Just an EXAMPLE.

Not the real thing — i.e., THE surgeon.

Don’t get TOO excited. No, no … I do NOT need any surgery at present, as far as I know. This was NOT for I.

Yes, I know I am strange. I have never shied away from that.

If this surgery was for I, there would be no question. I would have got up walked out and while doing so told the surgeon, in no uncertain terms, that I was not amused that HE wasted my time.

I already told you that I am strange … right.

One of my many foibles is a rabid aversion to any form of body mutilation and alteration.

Other than cutting my hair and nails, I refuse to have any other — medically unnecessary — alterations done to my body. Yes, I had to have some teeth extracted and I only consented under pain and duress.

I, despite my cultural upbringing, am against ear piercing! My adoptive mother, 29-years ago, was aghast that I would not have my newly born daughter’s ears pierced. She had arrived with a pair of gold earrings. I told her that I did NOT have the right to mutilate my daughter.

As all three of my daughters will tell you, in a mixture of glee and dismay, I have NEVER consented to them getting their ears pierced.

To say that I am against circumcision is an understatement. I think that any parent who gets their child circumcised is a CHILD ABUSER and I will tell that to their face — and I have told so to many a parent!

So, suffice to say, I am not a fan of tattooing!

Yes, my wife has one, but it is small, it is on her ankle and it is of the Sun. I don’t have to see it often. She had it done before we met. Yes, I made an exception. But, I will NOT let her perform any surgery on I, either.

To, I it all has to do with the state of one’s mind.

I am fine with the way my body is. My body is a mess and can be greatly enhanced and embellished BUT I will not resort to that. I am happy to live with what I got.

A surgeon with EXTENSIVE tattoos looks unprofessional!

I question is judgement and IF I meet him again I will ask him that to his face.

I already asked him a couple of questions he did NOT appreciate and he decided to get in MY FACE to respond. What he did not realize that folks like him scare me none.

So, that is my view. I would NOT TRUST a professional with extensive tattoos. Period.

Call me strange. That I am.

But, I have my standards and I live by them.

Over to you

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by Anura Guruge

Why Are Teachers In New Hampshire Immune From Random Drug Testing?

by Anura Guruge

Click to access original.

Well, to be fair, it is NOT just New Hampshire. Most tests do NOT permit drug testing of teachers.

That is crazy.

Teachers (and administrators) are human and have their foibles — and I talk as one whose adoptive mother as well as two aunties were teachers.

There are times, especially of late, when I can ONLY reconcile what I see and hear about teachers in New Hampshire by thinking that they must be doing drugs!

Be honest. Has that thought ever crossed YOUR mind.

Do you honestly think that ALL of our teachers and administrators are saints?

Why the double-standards?

We go after kids, QUITE RIGHTLY, for drugs. Why don’t we set an example by also checking the teachers and administrators?

I HOPE I am wrong. But, my druthers is that random drug testing of teachers, in New Hampshire, could tell us much.

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by Anura Guruge

Dear Winston Churchill, ‘THE LION’, Alas, Died This Day 52-Years Ago; Spare A Second To Reflect.

by Anura Guruge

For I, my devotion to Dear Winston is very simple.

IF NOT for Winston you would NOT be reading this in English.

For that I am eternally GRATEFUL to Dear Winston — one of my greatest inspirations.

Sir Winston Churchill’s tomb in Bladon, Oxfordshire,
not far from the magnificent Blenheim Palace where he was born.

I have made my pilgrimage to this tomb, on a wintery day, in 1998 or 1999.

I was the only one there. It was gray, cold and drizzly.

I stood there in awe, silence and solidarity.

Click to ENLARGE and read. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winston_Churchill

My devotion to dear Winston has no caveats. I know that some claim that he was a racist. But, in that I do not think he was that different to that many of his class, from that time. He was Prime Minister when we still had an Empire and despite his understandable reluctance to lose India, I really can’t believe that he set out to undermine coloreds. I know one thing. He was NO Donald Trump! Yes, I have paid him the highest compliment that I can. I named a gorgeous, very regal Golden after him. My ‘Winston’ from 1998.

I was 11-years old when he died.

I can’t say I was that familiar with him at the time of his death. There was no TV in Ceylon.

I do remember, vividly, my parents taking me to see a film of his funeral. That would have been in 1965. It was in color and I think it was over 1 hour long. My adoptive mother cried. I distinctly remember the film ending with a heading splashed across the screen ‘A Journey’s End‘. My adoptive mother talked about that on the way home. They (i.e., my adoptive father & mother) had completed one (of their two) round-the-world diplomatic trips, at the behest of the Ceylon government, the year before. As was her wont, and the fashion of the time, she completed an elaborate scrapbook to document that trip. On the last page she wrote ‘A Journey’s End‘. My adoptive mother, who was an ultra-sensitive person, was ‘rattled’ that the film had used that same phrase! Yes, small things like that bothered her — albeit, not in a bad way. So, whenever I think of Dear Winston’s funeral — ‘A Journey’s End‘ comes to mind.

Anywho …

Just take a second to reflect. Pay homage.

Like I said, IF NOT for dear Winston I would have had to learn frigging German and I am BAD at learning new languages.

Thank YOU, Dear Winston, KG OM CH TD PCc DL FRS RA.

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by Anura Guruge

Eponymous “Coco” Chanel Was Born This Day 134-Years Ago; August 19, 1883.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coco_Chanel

Though I only learned about “Coco” much later in life, I new of Chanel, or at least Chanel No.5, from a very young age. There was no way I could escape. My adoptive mother was inordinately fond of No. 5. It was the ONLY perfume she wore. When she lived in Paris, which she did for 18-years of her life — her last 17-years having been spent there — she maintained a large horde of Chanel No. 5 bottles. She would dole them out, liberally, as gifts — my generosity but a mere reflection of hers. So, given her fondness to Chanel it would be remiss of me NOT to have noted this birthday. Hard to believe that she was born in the 19th century.

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by Anura Guruge

Migrant Farm Workers Back In Alton, NH — So It Must Be Mid-Summer in New England.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Migrant farm workers picking apples in Maine. Right?

I am not sure how many people realize that we have migrant farm workers in Alton, NH. Well we do, and I have seen them here ever since I moved to Alton in 2007.

I know that this is not considered traditional farm country, but, of course, we do have farms and they only produce in the Summer (into Fall).

I guess I tend to notice them more than most since they are the rare exception in Alton in terms of people darker (in skin tone) than me. These folks are from Caribbean or Central America though I heard that they are now based in Florida during the winter. I do not know their ‘status’ and I am not going to find out. I am also not going to divulge anything about where they are since I don’t want to get them into any kind of ‘trouble’. I watch them work. They are pretty diligent. One in particular, at least when I am watching, really does live up to that Southern adage of ‘working like a black. Given that I am noted, particularly so per my wife who loves to claim that all I ever do is sit at my computer for my lassitude and sloth.

All I know is that these migrant workers are employed by one of the staunchest, Conservatives, with a capital ‘C’, who has teabags pinned to her stetson, in Alton.

I assume that there is nobody around here who can work like these migrants for the wages they get paid. I know that they live in a small, metal trailer while in Alton. I have to assume that it is sweltering in this heat wave.

I have no axe to grind. I like seeing them around. Makes me feel less special.

[Funny thing last evening. We went to the beach for the kids dinner. The kids and I had already swum in Winnipesaukee. One of our new neighbours is an ‘Obama’ in genetical make-up. But, it was funny. He said that he is lighter than me! Whatever rocks his boat. Now that my adoptive mother is dead, and has been for 21 years, nobody, other than this Obama-like guy, comments on my skin color — though Deanna, my wife, piped in yesterday, with a comment very similar to what my adoptive mother would have said. Ever since she abandoned me, age 15, and I started living away from her, the FIRST THING she would say when she saw me had to do with the darkness of my skin: ‘you have got darker‘, ‘good, you have got lighter‘, ‘why are you so dark‘. I am not joking. Never, ‘glad to see you‘, ‘how are you‘, ‘how was the trip‘. It was a comment about my skin color — which varies by how much sun I get (and no, I don’t have to and will not use sun screen. I don’t burn. Just tan). So depending on how much Sun I had got, which in those days depended on how much cricket, skiing and running I was doing, I could be ‘dark’ or ‘light’.]

'Cider House Rules' at our wedding.

‘Cider House Rules’ at our wedding. Click …

I know that Maine has a lot of migrant farm workers. Yes, I have read ‘Cider House Rules’. Actually I married my wife because she was the only woman I knew at that time, c. 2002, who knew that the movie that had just come out had nothing to do with the book. The fact that she was quite beautiful didn’t hurt her case. We had a copy of the book next to our wedding cake.

Anyway, if you live in Alton, keep an eye out for the migrant farm workers. If you see them, slow down and wave. No, you shouldn’t stop and try to approach them. You might scare them. They don’t mind me. They think I am one of them.