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Most Despicable Man (Alive) In New Hampshire Today: Robert Dellinger of Sunapee, N.H.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Click for WMUR video and coverage.

Click for WMUR video and coverage.

Click for, as ever, outstanding coverage from MY, U.K. 'Daily Mail'.

Click for, as ever, outstanding coverage from MY, U.K. ‘Daily Mail’.

As a devout believer in Darwin, I am all in favor of drunk/impaired drivers killing themselves — AS LONG AS they don’t harm anyone else or damage private property. I just wish that there were universal laws that enabled municipalities to go after them for damages and police/EMT expenses.

I also have no problem with people that want to kill themselves doing so — again provided they don’t physically harm others, cause damage to the property of others. Again, I wish municipalities can recoup the enormous costs they incur when these idiots kill themselves. I still remember this incident from when I was living on Varney Point in Gilford. It was in the Spring of 2006. Tesichan was a few months old. As was my wont those days I was walking her, in her front facing ‘backpack’, when EVERY SINGLE fire truck and police car in Gilford screamed into Varney Point with sirens blaring and lights agog. The leading fire truck screeched to a stop next to me, nearly running me over, forcing me to jump off the road, and asked me if I knew where so-and-so lived. Took me a second to place the name. They didn’t even wait for me to respond. Some trucks were going up the hill, police cars were screaming down Varney Point, Right. Why? Some guy had hung himself. Well, as they all admitted to me afterwards, sheepishly, it was too late to do anything by the time they came storming into Varney Point nearly killing me and Teischan. Gravity, as it invariably does, had won the day. I kind of knew the guy. I had spoken to him once — told me that he had a busted front light in his car. But, if that is what he wanted to do, that was fine with me — just don’t cause further collateral damage. That is what God gave us … right? Free will. Just don’t harm others — at least physically.

This guy Robert Dellinger is a disgrace to humanity. Couldn’t he have jumped off a bridge?

What hits close to home, as did the ‘nearly run over’ in Gilford, was that we were on that very same stretch of road, in Lebanon, 12 hours earlier.

Rich guys claiming depression and celebrities with addiction just aggravates me. Losers, in my book.

I really hope they throw the book at Robert Dellinger and he gets to enjoy an active social life in prison.

Then we also have this from Texas. Did you see this? Amazing. 

Click to access. Google for the other 100 stories. Amazing. Bloody amazing.

Click to access. Google for the other 100 stories. Amazing. Bloody amazing.

Wow. Reading these stories you get the feeling that it must be hard to be rich. Thank God I never had to deal with that.