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“Away” By Amy Bloom — Quite The Remarkable Story, Impeccably Told With Touches Of John Irving.

by Anura Guruge

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Second book, back-to-back (the other having been the haunting “Doctor’s Wife“) that I have read on the wife’s recommendation. She, however, said it would be a ‘quick read‘. It was NOT and I am glad of that. I like to savor books, reading sentences over-and-over again, to appreciate their structure and admire the intellect it took to compose it in the way it was. I am always in awe of good writers — totally humbled by the great. I was not familiar with ‘Amy Bloom‘ BUT I am willing to rate her alongside my IDOL John Irving. Higher praise cannot spring from my fingers.

Quite the story.

So, why does she bring to mind the legendary John Irving. The research she has done, and what she then share with you about a plethora of esoteric topics from 1920s matinee idols on ‘Broadway’ to zionist paradise camps in Siberia. I learnt a LOT from this book. Kind of a crazy coincidence. I had just finished reading ‘Journey‘, by James Michener, a few weeks before I started this book. That book was all about a journey to ‘Dawson’ (just across the border from Alaska on the Canadian side) and ‘Dawson’ was also a key destination in this book! That was neat. I already knew a fair amount Dawson from the first book which added to my delight in reading about it again.

Yes, this book, like nearly all, have a few paragraphs that drive you to distractions. But, that is OK. Small price to pay for the rest which, by and large, is exquisite.

Real good read. You will enjoy it. IF you let it, it will educate you on numerous arcane topics.

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by Anura Guruge

President Abraham Lincoln Signed The U.S. ‘Homestead Act’ This Day 155 Years Ago; May 20, 1862.

by Anura Guruge

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I had always thought that this was a real neat and ‘romantic’ notion. I like to think that if I was of that time I might have considered this. Sure was quite the deal. Wow. All those open spaces. I do NOT think I know of anyone who has told me that their family owned ‘Homestead’ land. Of course there must be millions.

I guess it was inevitable that it would come to an end, and it did, in two parts — the first in 1976 bar Alaska and ten-years later in Alaska.

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by Anura Guruge

Pope Francis Arriving At Andrews ‘Air’ Base (Met by Obama) & Staying At The Apostolic Nunciature In D.C.


Apostolic Nunciature, D.C.

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by Anura Guruge

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The book has a LOT to say about the Nunciature. Check it out.

Presidents have met prior popes at airports. Regan met John Paul II twice at airports in Alaska — when both of them were enroute, by plane.

George W. Bush welcomed Benedict XVI at Andrews on April 15, 2008.

Obama is emulating that though it is NOT the norm for a president to greet an arriving pope or Head of State at the airport.

List of the prior Pope-U.S. President meetings. It is FROM the book.

pope U.S. president meetings by Anura Guruge

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