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Las Vegas Shouldn’t Just Ban ‘Ornamental’ Grass, They Should Also Ban Non-Native Exotic Plants In Casinos.

by Anura Guruge

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I was amused to read about this proposed ban of ‘grass that is NOT walked upon‘. Great idea. Bravo. The initial article I read, in a U.K. tabloid, just said that Las Vegas wants to ban grass. I genuinely thought that they were talking about a different type of ‘grass’ & was confused since I had assumed that Las Vegas must be all in favor of that.

I used to go to Las Vegas, on business, 4 to 6 times a year in the 1990s — mainly to conduct stand-up seminars or to attend trade shows. I used to notice that I invariably had ‘cold symptoms’ when I was in Las Vegas. I initially blamed it on the ubiquitous air conditioning. It was not fun bit feeling 100% since most times I had to be on my feet, presenting with gusto, for 6 – 7 hours a day.

So, one day I looked it up. BINGO. High pollen counts in the casinos (which, of course, is where I would be) due to all the non-native EXOTIC plants. Bingo. That was the problem. This was prior to the days when I started taking a Zyrtec everyday (as I have for the last 8-years, or so).

It is crazy. Yes, it looks awfully pretty & impressive, BUT do we need all these plants?

I am glad that Las Vegas has started to think about this problem. Bravo. I like Las Vegas.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Cocheco Veterinary Hospital’ & Dr. Elizabeth Ring — Very Impressed.

by Anura Guruge

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Braxton, our (rescue) Harrier, has had a real bad rash for some days now. We knew it was due to allergies but it was clear that he needed some heavy-duty prescription medication.

Busy time and I did not fancy a 40-minute (each-way) run to our usual (and trusted) vets in Pembroke. Though we do not travel that stretch of Rte 11 often we had seen ‘Cocheco Veterinary Hospital’ a few times on the rare occasions we do sail by. Definitely closer. So, we called and made an appointment.

Sure glad we did. Very positive, uplifting experience from start-to-finish. Very friendly, very professional, very caring. All good. Decent (not outlandish) prices too. That was a bonus. I am sold. No reason to hike to Pembroke — and they, when required, will make house calls. That is good to know.

Very impressed with Dr. Ring. The epitome of what you expect a dream vet to be! She took her time. Let Braxton get used to her.

Braxton LIKED the place. Did not growl. Let them touch him. Never seen him that mellow and trusting with strangers. The place has good vibes. You can see that they have thought things out. The reception area is HUGE — very open and uncluttered. Puts dogs at ease. They can look around and see empty, unthreatening space. Very clever.

Well, you probably worked it out. Definitely two thumbs and two paws up. We will be going back — but, hopefully, not too soon and not too often.

But, if you need a local vet, sure give them a try. You will not regret it.

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by Anura Guruge

“Peter Rabbit” Movie (2018) — Very Funny But With Some Issues …

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access IMDb.com listing for movie.

The fuss about it downplaying food allergies is VERY REAL. Click to access the “New York Post” coverage. Google for more.

Went to see it, on Valentine’s Day, with both kids (who had early release from school), in Portsmouth (NH) at Cinemagic. We more or less had the whole large studio to ourseleves — just 5 others for this 4:30pm matinee. We are not complaining. It was nice to have all that space sans any distractions.

Fun movie. Very funny. Beautifully rendered — particularly the Lakes District and Harrods; I rather familiar with both. I have visited Beatrix Potter’s house in the Lakes Region — and had a Harrods account for many, many year; it one of my favorite stores. The detail was exquisite.

Lot to like, and pukkah entertainment, by and large, albeit with some blemishes.

Domhnall Gleeson looking too much like Jared Kushner for my liking and comfort.

Yes, it does trivialize and even make fun of food allergies. That is not good (though I am one who does feel that ‘we’ have gone slightly too overboard on the whole thing). What was Sony thinking? Don’t they have any lawyers?

While I appreciate the whole storyline is about the feud with the McGregors, I think there was a tad too much violence than was needed. Others would disagree. But, this is meant to be a kids movie and we are supposed to encourage kids to resolve conflict without resorting to violence! So …

The rabbits are well rendered as LONG as their faces are NOT being shown in closeup. Then their eyes look like those of aliens and all the contours look wrong — in my opinion.

Domhnall Gleeson who plays the young McGregor reminded me of Jared Kushner and that made me queasy! What can I say. Check out this photo —>

Now, this is something that those who know me will find surprising coming from my fingers in that I am not that kind of man. But, Rose Byrne who plays ‘Bea’ is very pretty BUT I have a better ‘chest’ than she has! Wow. She looks 2 dimensional, NOT that that detracted any way from her performance and presence. Just happened to notice.

Other than all this, it was good fun. Enjoyed. Will probably watch it again when it is on ‘TV’.

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by Anura Guruge