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Paul Bousquet, “B-Boys”, Barnstead (N.H.) — An Absolute Gentleman.

by Anura Guruge

B-Boys Barnstead New Hampshire Anura Guruge

That I think the world of Paul Bousquet, the owner of “B-Boys” auto shop in Barnstead, New Hampshire, has been well documented on this blog.

Since I serendipitously discovered them in May of last year, I have entrusted all our vehicles to Paul, with CONFIDENCE — and that includes my two Jags.

Paul is GREAT.

Today, he yet again, demonstrated what a STAR he is. There aren’t, alas, too many absolute gentleman like Paul left in the world. He, I think, is ‘old school’ (in the BEST possible way) and so am I. We are of the same generation. We share the same values. I am loyal to those that take care of me and Paul is loyal to his customers.

I will not go into details because Paul wouldn’t want me to.

It had to do with my 1989 Jaguar V12 XJS that died on me, in the middle of the road, 12 days ago.

Suffice to say I had it ‘towed’ to Paul. Among other things it needed a new alternator. Well Paul took care of all of that.

Today, I finally got it back. I know that working on a 1989 V12 XJS is NOT easy. Paul has done miracles.

And he is SO FAIR.

Wow. The world desperately needs more people like Paul.

Enough said.

Thank YOU, Mr. Paul Bousquet. Thank You, “B-Boys”.

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by Anura Guruge

My 1989 Jaguar XJS V-12 Finally Lives Up To Its Reputation!

by Anura Guruge

Whenever people hear that I have two Jags, a XJ8 (2002) and a XJS, they start asking questions about how often they break down, how much time they spend ‘at the shop‘ and the ‘small fortune‘ that it must cost to keep them running.

Until yesterday, Sunday, September 25, 2016, I had been REMARKABLY lucky. Neither Jag had left me stranded on the side of the road. Yes, this Summer the Xj8 refused to start in the garage. It needed a new battery. Over the winter the alternator belt on the XJS broke but it did not stop on the roadside.

But on Sunday, the XJS lived up to its unfortunate reputation. I had had a nagging hunch that it was not 100% right for a month or so. When we took it to the ‘Gilford Old Home day’, on what was a particularly hot day, it had acted up a bit and had been hard to start. But other than that it was driving beautifully. It is a joy to drive and I have never driven it with the top up. It is my topless car. But on Sunday it just died. Driving along on a back road. Doing 40-45 mph. Going along perfect … and then JUST dies. No stalling etc. Just dies.

Had to have it trailered to “B-Boys” in Barnstead. Wasn’t too bad. We have ‘AAA Premier’. So towing is covered. However, had to wait 90 minutes for the truck but it could have been worse. Thank YOU, “Doug’s Towing” out of Rochester, New Hampshire and CRAIG. Craig was excellent.

Don’t know what is wrong. Maybe fuel pump. That would be easy. Could be worse. I will let you know.


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by Anura Guruge

Another Sincere ‘Shout Out’ For Barnstead’s “B-Boys” & Paul Bousquet.

by Anura Guruge

1989 jaguar xjs v12

Paul Bousquet, the co-owner of “B-Boys” in Barnstead, NH, yet again did me proud this weekend. Thank YOU, Paul and thank you “B-Boys”.

Late last November just as I was getting ready to put my 1989 Jaguar XJS V12 coupe into hibernation all the ignition related lights on the dash lit-up like a Christmas tree. It was actually quite pretty though I immediately knew it wasn’t good news. When I had bought it in June 2105, from a very nice and honest gentleman from Vermont, he had told me, in writing, that I would soon be requiring a new battery. So I thought the battery had gone. I mothballed the car for the winter (though I now find that somebody, very small, did sleep in there during that time) and didn’t give it much thought.

In April this year I bought a “Optima Batteries 8002-002 34 RedTop Starting Battery“, with 800 Cold Cranking Amps, from Amazon, and thought I would be all set. I changed the battery (just to prove to those that claim that I can’t even change a fuse on a car). The Jag started fine BUT all the lights stayed on. Aahh! Alternator. Then a friend stopped by, put his hand down into the depths of that dark and murky engine bay, and said I had no alternator belt. That explained much.

I wasn’t going to replace just the alternator belt — and we found the broken one stuck to the engine. So I got a complete set of 4 belts from JagBits. But the alternator belt in the standard Jag kit did not match the broken one we had found. So I ordered that, a serpentine one, using the number stamped on the belt, from Amazon (who else).

A couple of people, including the friend who found the broken belt, offered to replace the belts for me. But after some due consideration I decided that I only trust Paul with my British cars. And that was one heck of a good decision.

Had the XJS taken on a flatbed to Paul Thursday afternoon — we having AAA Premier just for the ‘towing’. The XJS was ready Saturday morning. I won’t tell you how much Paul charged me or the amount of labor he billed BUT trust me, I was very happy. It was a good deal. It was beyond fair. I am very happy.

So sharing because you too might find that “B-Boys” could help you.

Thank YOU Paul.

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by Anura Guruge