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‘Sandwich Fair’, New Hampshire, 2015: Will Feature ‘Annie and The Orphans’, Russell Roderick, ‘The Bel Airs’, ‘Don Campbell Band’ etc.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.

by Anura Guruge

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The Sandwich Fair, N.H., 2015, full Schedule.

Good News: Our favorites ‘Annie and The Orphans‘ and Roderick Russell will BOTH, yet again, be at Sandwich. That is GREAT.

Bad News: They will NOT be performing on all three days or for that matter on the SAME day! So unless you go to the Fair on Sunday & Monday you will NOT be able to see both ‘Annie’ and Roderick. That is a bummer. I think it is poor scheduling. The much beloved ‘Annie and The Orphans’ should play ALL THREE days — like they used to in days gone by. They should be a staple. The anchor act.

The incomparable and ‘always a pleasure’, Art Harriman, will as ever be the MC, and will do his ‘show’, on a regular basis, i.e., at least twice a day, on all three days — Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Art, as the MC, is the only one who will be on stage all three days. Here is the list to help YOU decide when to go.


  1. Alex the Jester (x2)
  2. Joe Howard — Magician (x2)
  3. ‘The Peacheaters’ (x2)


  1. ‘The Bel Airs’ (x2)
  2. Roderick Russell — Sword Swallower & Mentalist (x2)
  3. ‘Don Campbell Band’


  1. Annie and The Orphans‘ (x2)
  2. ‘American Roots’


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