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We Are Getting A New Puppy, Next Week, 10-Week Old Beagle (Benny) Who Will Be Named ‘Braxton’

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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Click to access Adopt-A-Pet page with more pictures and video.

Click to access Adopt-A-Pet page with more pictures and video.

Deanna kind of had a hunch that I would not wait too long before I got another puppy. I did the same last time around when we tragically lost our dear Monty. I said I didn’t want to get another puppy but within 24 hours I was all over the Web desperately looking for another Golden puppy. That is how we got Maya. We checked out maybe 8 litters, in person, all around NH, in 2 days! It was the best thing I could have done. It was cathartic. Everybody stopped mopping around though Monty was never forgotten.

With Ulysses it was different. We knew it was coming. We had talked about ‘life after Ulysses’. The plan was always that we would get another dog. The only question was when.

A new puppy will be good. Deanna misses Ulysses and I still can’t get used to the house without my ‘Boy‘. I am so used to calling or talking to ‘the Boy‘ as I mostly referred to him. It was ‘The Boy‘ and ‘The Girl‘ — and they knew those terms too. So I needed a new Boy.

Yes, I violated most of my precepts BUT I am noted for being able to turn on a dime. I am very much a dyed in the wool Golden person. Maya was my 6th. I like Golden. They fit my personality. But, I do have a Golden, Maya — and she does go running with me.

Though I got my first Golden, a huge, hulking, very alpha example who was named ‘Shamrock‘ at the shelter, I am not known to be partial to rescue dogs. I like them as young as possible. We got Maya the day she turned 8 weeks. So, I am violating that rule too.

Wednesday and Thursday I was IDLY looking through PetFinder.com for Goldens and other BIG dogs. I was also seriously considering an Australian Shepherd. I check with Deanna but she wants me to pick the dog because she will have any of them or all of them. I also saw a white border collie. I have had a border collie before. I would have got that. Then I saw this litter of beagles. I called Deanna over. She was more than happy. So, I called. I was going to get a GIRL because that was the first one of the litter that I saw. See, I am flexible when it comes to dogs.

The lady, Janice, as nice as can be (and in love with my accent) asked me IF I wanted a BOY. Only one answer to that. She then pointed me to ‘Benny‘ — and then immediately told me that he was adopted!

I immediately liked Benny. To me there is only one Benny and that is ‘Benny Hill‘. A dog named after Benny Hill appealed to me though Deanna had already decided years ago that the next boy will be ‘Braxton’, though I no know Braxtons and have no idea if there were any famous Braxtons. But, it meets a naming requirement. We have been told that dogs are more receptive to names that have ‘Y’, ‘O’ and ‘X’ — hence Ulysses and Maya.

I dragged the story out of her. She had been taken BUT had not been paid for. The person was actually late. I pointed out that I will pay over the phone. She said she will contact the ‘pending’, give him a deadline, and then get back to me. The deadline was supposed to be this morning. I called. She said that he still hadn’t send her the funds via PayPal. Then to my chagrin she said she was going to give him till ‘tonight’. I wasn’t happy with that. She agreed that that was not fair since he was already more than 48 hours behind due. So she was going to give him till 4 pm today.

At 2:38 she had called and left a message (we were at an audition) that Benny was ours!

I had the funds to her within 15 minutes of getting home.

We are supposed to pick him up from Kittery, Maine next Saturday — at noon.

Suffice to say the kids are delighted. Deanna is happy. I will have a new puppy to call ‘Boy’ and play with.

Not sure how he will do on the running front. That could be an issue. My dogs have to run! That is our thing.

You know that you will be hearing more about Braxton and the pictures will flow.

Lots Of Kudos And Much Thanks To Pembroke Animal Hospital & In Particular Their Dr. Donna Peck.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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We started going to Pembroke, despite the distance, in February. We have been very impressed and happy and our respect and gratitude continues to grow.

They had helped Deanna out on the phone a number of times.

Then this last Monday, Deanna had to make ‘the call’ regarding our ‘Ulysses‘. Though Ulysses loved his drives and would always hop into the van (though getting him out was not as easy over the last 3 weeks), even doing so on Sunday, I was not willing to drive him to a vets (and even worse drive him back).

I wanted him to be at home without any stress.

When Deanna explained our needs they obliged. They had one vet, Dr. Peck, who does make house calls.

Dr. Donna Peck arrived — a few minutes ahead of the ‘noon to 2’ timeframe we had been given.

She was beyond wonderful; an obvious dog lover (who has a lot of dogs).

She immediately sat on the floor and Ulysses, always a ladies man, immediately schooched over to her and put his head on her lap.

Though she must have had a busy schedule she did not rush us. She gave us all the time we needed. She just sat on the floor with Ulysses right there.

She checked him out and assured us, multiple times, that the time was right. He had to leave when he still had some dignity left.

She was so gentle and caring. It was very peaceful. There was no drama, no trauma.

I am so glad we did what we did, at home, with Dr. Peck. We feel good that Ulysses, as was invariably the case, got the best that we could provide him.

We have nothing but good to say about Dr. Peck and the Pembroke Animal Hospital.

Glad we switched to them in February.

The house call wasn’t expensive. Very reasonable given the distance and time involved.

IF you are ever in the situation we were in on Monday, and you like around here, you should DEFINITELY call Pembroke at 603-227-1199 and ask whether Dr. Peck could help you. She is the vet that makes house calls. As we now know she will come to Alton.