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My Inexpensive, Readily Extensible ‘Weight Belt’ For Running.

by Anura Guruge

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Weighted backpack and my wrist weights.

The weights that go inside the backpack.

The whole set of weights I am currently carrying … in addition to backpack.

I have been, for the last 20 years (or more), wearing weights when I run. Just adds a bit more BANG for the buck. I used, at first, wear wrist weights and ankle weights. And as so often happens in my life, I lucked out. I met a physical therapist that told me that wearing ankle weights is BAD. They stretch your knee tendons and they STAY stretched causing your knee to pop-out in time. I stopped wearing ankle weights.

Change in elevation, i.e., up hills and down dales, is another major feature of my runs — as I have talked about in the past.

The 400+ feet elevation on one of my runs. It is greater on my other run. I alternate between the two. Click to ENLARGE.

Last Summer I decided that I really had to do something about getting back in shape and LOSING some weight. I was getting to be like Trump. That is when I got my first fitness tracker — my Garmin Vivoactive HR. The HR made me up my game. I extended my run by 0.8 of a mile and started running faster. That was when I decided I need to increase resistance by adding more weight. I had quite a few pairs of weights around the house — so I started wearing two each arm. That was good, but cumbersome, especially with the dogs — on leashes. So, I started wearing a leather belt and hanging two of the weights of it. That worked but it wasn’t comfortable.

So, I started thinking about buying a weight belt. Then it struck me … we had backpacks lying around. Take an old backpack that the kids had discarded and put my weights in it.

Works great. Real great. Been using it for the last 2 – 3 weeks. Two wrist weights and the backpack with two more weights. I think it is over 11 pounds.

On my left hand, wear I now have the Fitbit Ionic I wear a weight with a thumb insert. That keeps the weight from creeping over the watch. All works well, even in 5°F weather.

So, if you are thinking of getting a weight belt for your running.

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by Anura Guruge