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New Hampshire 2017 Topless Season Started Today, April 27.

by Anura Guruge

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April is coming to an end, and the 1969 MGB, with its antique plate, is due for its bi-annual inspection. [For those of you are not familiar with the NH ‘Antique Number Plates’ for vehicles over 20 years old, they only need to be inspected every other year — but ALL inspections have to be done by May of that year. Kind of cute. This is to ensure that these cars don’t have to be driven during the winter just so that you can get them to a garage for inspection. So they give you till the end of April.]

I have an appointment with ‘B-Boys‘ in Barnstead, on Friday, April 28, 2017 for the inspection. So had to make sure it would start etc. It did start, with the aid of a jumper (our our Nissan Quest) after some cajoling. Always amazes me that it starts after the long winter hibernation.

The XJS also needed a jump to get it going. Took it for a long ride (35 minutes) TOPLESS. It was good. But, I had Devanee follow me, all the way, in the van — just in case! That is NOT good.

But, topless season, in New Hampshire, is now officially started.

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by Anura Guruge

Our 1968 ‘BRG’ MGB Sporting Its New 1968 NH Scenic Number Plate.

by Anura Guruge

Taken by Deanna on her ASUS phone. I am currently camera-less

A cute, ‘value-added’ feature of New Hampshire’s car licensing — when it comes to “Antique Plates“. IF your car is qualified to have “Antique Plates”, and you indeed do have them, THEN IF you can find a NH number plate corresponding to the year of your car you can put that plate (or plates) on your car in place of the “Antique Plates”. We were told this, in detail, last September, when we got around to registering our 1968 ‘British Racing Green’ (BRG) MGB as an antique — which it is.

In October 2015 I bought the above plate, from eBay, for Devanee’s birthday. That they were a matching green and had ‘3’, ‘6’ & ‘9’ was a bonus — those being some of my favorite numbers. 

It took us till TODAY to finally get it mounted on the MGB. Part of the delay was that you have to go to DMV in Concord, NH with the new plate, an old plate and your registration and have the ‘year plate’ (e.g., 1968 plate) registered.

I couldn’t find TWO 1968 plates. I should look again. Of course, I am in the market. IF you have have two 1968 NH plates PLEASE contact me.

It is cool. Took the MGB out for a fairly long spin. Did good. We like it.

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by Anura Guruge

1968 MGB Starts 2nd Year With Antique Plates & An Inspection Sticker Good Till April 2017.

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by Anura Guruge

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We got the British Green 1968 MGB on September 14, 2014. So in October it started its 2nd year with us, especially in terms of registration and inspection stickers.

This time around we took the MGB to B-Boys of Barnstead — the best mechanics, for miles, in our opinion. This was the first time that Paul Bousquet, the owner of B-Boys, had seen the MGB. Given that he is very thorough and conscientious he found a TON of bodywork that had to be fixed. We had to leave it with Paul for nearly 10 days! We missed it not seeing it in the garage.

Last year I just did not have time to go down to Concord to get NH Antique plates. This year we made time. We dropped the plates off with Paul Monday evening. Today we picked it up (though to be fair to Paul it was ready yesterday afternoon). So now it sports, for the first time, NH Antique plates — and by that virtue has an inspection sticker valid till April 2017. So we are happy. It wasn’t cheap BUT it wasn’t a total arm-and-leg either. Just a few fingers and toes.

Paul joked as to how many thousands of miles we planned to drive it before it is back for its inspection in April 2017. He knew. We will be lucky IF we drive 500 miles in total! Now that we have the V-12 Jaguar XJS convertible we don’t drive the MGB much — just enough to keep it ticking over.

Pictures taken with my new, less than a week old, Panasonic Lumix FZ1000.