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Alton Central “Bullying Issue” Much Has Been Happening Behind The Scenes.


Anura Guruge

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Just in case there was anybody out there that thought that I dropped the ball on this important issue far be it from the case. That is not my style. I don’t drop too many balls and I do get a lot done.

Over the last two weeks there has been much happening. There have been a lot of e-mails, numerous phone calls, visits to the SAU office, letters, documents, at least one ‘right to know‘ and even some face-to-face meetings.

But, since many in Alton don’t seem to care about this issue I will not bore you with what has been happening. But, it is very strange to me. From what a few of us can see bullying (in its many forms) would appear to be the biggest threat facing our kids today. Compared to the damages that can be done via bullying concerns about dust in the air kind of pale in comparison. But, still have all of this raw emotion when it come to the school renovation, but deafening apathy when it comes to taking steps to stamp out bullying. Yes, to be fair one other mother e-mailed Deanna with the bullying being experienced by her two kids. From her e-mail we even learned a whole slew of new vocabulary. IF you folks only knew.

Well yesterday there was a very useful and I think productive round-table (as it happened) with Mr. Lander, the Superintendent. After what had been quite a weekend, with at least one very interesting meeting, I called up on Tuesday and requested that meeting. Five of us met with Mr. Lander; Deanna & I, the parents of the young lady who is trying to get this issue addressed and Mr. Steve Miller, the School Board member — who attended as my guest, and as a concerned Alton resident (as opposed to a Board Member). Let me just say that I was ‘happy’ with the meeting as were the other parents.

That is enough.

P.S., That was my first real interaction with Mr. Lander and I was suitably impressed. Steve Miller was right. He had always maintained that I should give him a chance. Thanks Steve.

Have a great weekend.