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“Great Waters”, Wolfeboro, NH, Volunteer Appreciation Cookout Sat. August 29, 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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Well compared to last year when we had a memorable cruise on ‘The Lake‘, the keyword, as far as I was concerned, for this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Cookout was ‘DRY‘.

Yes, it was dry in that it was a beautiful day, there was NO water in sight (which is a SHAME when we all live in the Lakes Region), I did not run the risk of getting soaked (as Bruce and I did last year by a rogue wave) because we were on very dry land and there was NO WINE — which to me makes everything very dry. Well, I fixed the wine paucity. The girls and I made a quick trip, in the XJ8, to the Wolfeboro Liquor Store. I did not realize how popular I am over there! Wow. Do I really visit them that often (and socialize with them)? Well in a way that was probably the most fun part of the afternoon making wine jokes at the Liquor Store(though I did tell my favorite Monica Lewinsky joke at the cockout because the mike (if not Mike) looked so forlong). 

Of course it was nice to be with a few of the volunteers. Not sure where the others were.

The antique boats were allegedly the draw and they were sure nice though I am a tad puzzled how seeing a few, on trailers, inside a (lovely) barn was supposed to be something that special for this crowd. None of us are really strangers to boats or for that matter even classic boats. Hhhmmm. It is not like we don’t see classic boats on a regular basis …. Wasn’t there a big show, ON THE WATER, in Alton just a couple of weeks ago?

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Well the 4 of us stayed on, with ‘Nancy’ and another lady, to help take down the tent, move all the tables and chairs etc. Teischan enjoyed that the best because she got to do a running commentary of what the others were doing. Maybe she was right. That was probably the best part of the cookout! There was at least some action. Funny that.