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Tomorrow’s Summer Solstice Is Also ‘Atheist Solidarity Day’ 2017 — But I Am Areligious.

by Anura Guruge

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IF you are an atheist I feel bad for you.

Pity you can’t go the whole hog and be areligious along with I.

I will welcome you with open arms.

But, being an atheist is a GOOD START.


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by Anura Guruge

ICC Should Take Religion Out Of Cricket — Forthwith.

by Anura Guruge

Keep religion God out of cricket Anura Guruge
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Watch the start of this YouTube video — 0:39 second mark.

And you will see what I am getting at.

Check YouTube for any and all videos from 2017 involving the Pakistan or Bangladesh teams.

Cricket has a wonderful camaraderie, exemplary behavior on the field and a very precise, and clear ‘Code of Conduct’ that makes sure that it remains THE sport of gentlemen and ladies.

In spirit of the multicultural, multiethnic and MULTIRELIGIOUS nature of cricket — even with the SAME team, e.g., Sri Lanka — we should take religion out of cricket.

I am talking ALL religions. I, as many know, am totally areligious — a reformed, born-again heathen. I have no axe to grind against any religion. I respect those of all religions but prefer if they kept their religion to themselves.

I really do NOT think God or gods play any role in cricket!

IF God chose who wins the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 how come the Israelites didn’t play cricket thousands of years ago.

IF you are an avid cricket fan YOU KNOW what I am talking about — and yes, the above YouTube video spells it all out.

DO NOT get me wrong. I like Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Some of my abiding cricket heroes are from Pakistan … Imran, Zaheer, Intikhab.

IF the truth be known I am very fond of Sarfraz Ahmed. I root for him, always. I am glad they won. They sure played one heck of a match. But, hearing ALL of them, on rote, claim that this was all due to “All mighty …” irks me. When they beat Australia, how do you think Steve Smith felt when he was subjected to that. Same God.

I never believed God picked sides in wars and always found in amusing that both the Allies and the Germans were constantly praying to the same God asking for the other side to be vanquished.

So, that is it ….

Lets just UPDATE our glorious ‘Code of Conduct’ to include that captains and players cannot reference any religions and religious figures during any public appearances.

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by Anura Guruge

One God, Three Faiths & Free Will In Light Of Last Week’s Atrocities In The Middle East.

by Anura Guruge

Last week we had the nerve gas attack in Syria and the bombing of the Coptic Christian churches in Egypt.

Both had to do with religion. In the case of Syria, two different factions of Islam (Shiite and Sunni) while in Egypt it was the ongoing 1,400 year feud between Christians and Muslims.

But ALL the people involved in both these atrocities believe in and worship the SAME GOD.

To I that does NOT make sense and never has.

One God.

And then you have the issue as to why this One God permits such atrocities in HIS NAME.

That is where Christians, starting with the popes, always seek refuge in Free Will (and how God refuses to micromanage the actions of humans).

I have always believed that this Free Will argument was the ultimate in copouts.

Then yesterday, after a Facebook interaction with my favorite Catholic priest, Father Anthony Churchill, on this subject, I had a blinding epiphany. See below.

God MAJORLY interfered with Free Will when he, intentionally, inserted Jesus into the World.

Humans did NOT have a say in that.

That was all God’s work on his own prerogative.

At the time he decided that the World needed Jesus there was a perfectly GOOD RELIGION in the Middle East — what we now refer to as Judaism.

OK, the Free Will people will contend that it was humans, i.e., some (but not all) the Jews, that decided that they would not accept Jesus as the true Messiah. And if all had then we would not have this mess. Yes, I can see that argument.

But, God, is omnipotent. Knows everything and more. The ultimate clairvoyant. He know what the future holds.

So he MUST HAVE known that my introducing Jesus into the World he was going to create a SCHISM, a divide.

And to I that is where he violated Free Will.

IF he had NOT introduced Jesus into the fray we would NOT have this mess and all these killings in the name of God.

We would just have ONE GOD, ONE FAITH.

Just a thought.

As some of you know I am totally and utterly areligious and have been so for at least 40 years — though I like to confound people, especially Jehovah’s Witnesses, by telling them I am a reformed, born again, heathen.

The Facebook conversation that I had, IN PUBLIC, on Father Churchill’s timeline.

Anura: So, dear father … how do you rationalize this. Of course the pope will want us to pray … but I am not sure for what. I am so sick and tired of all these religion-based killings. And in this case IT IS ALL THE SAME God!

Fr. Churchill: The people who do this kind of atrocity have a very different image of God.
A God who would bless these actions would be a monster.

Anura: Father, it is ‘funny’ you should say that. Last night I watched the 2016 movie ‘Jackie’ about Jacqueline Kennedy during the first few days/weeks after the tragic assassination. She unlike her husband was not a great Catholic — though one has to wonder what JFK confessed during his confessions. This movie is said to be fairly accurate. Jackie has a couple of long conversations with an old Catholic father. In one she confesses that “JFK never spent an entire night with her during their marriage”. That is not relevant to this … She referring to the death of her two babies and then her husband does ask the priest about God.
Father, we have talked many times about God Free Will and not micro-managing. I will grant God that. But, PLEASE, PLEASE explain. Didn’t God REALIZE that he was creating 3 religions. That is NOT micro-management. He himself created the FIRST SCHISM — on purpose. IF God had made sure that there was ONLY one religion that worshipped him the World would have been a better place. AMEN.

Fr. Churchill: Anura. This is a busy week but a brief response. No one would suggest that “God invented three religions” all teaching something different. As Christians, we see God revealing Himself in the Old Testament leading to the ultimate revelation in Jesus. Jews do not accept Jesus in this sense, and so we are divided as Christians from those Pope John Paul described as our “older brothers and sisters.”
Muslims claim a further revelation to Mohammed. Both Christians and Jews reject that claim as false.

And into this dialogue, as IF to prove the point, one of Father Churchill’s followers interjected: “That’s Allah for you…..”

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by Anura Guruge

Meditation Is In No Way Related To Religion.

by Anura Guruge


No one religion can claim a right to meditation and meditation itself is totally independent of any and all religions. PERIOD.

All the major religions talk about some form or other of meditation. Not to do so would be incongruous, to say the least. Meditation is about mindfulness, reflection, introspection — all things that all religions want you to indulge in. But, there are millions of people who are areligious, including I, who meditate. So to claim that meditation is in someway related to or associated with religion is ridiculous. And it invariably cracks me up when ‘those from the West’ get all animated when talking about Buddhism and meditation. Ah! If only they knew. Buddhism, at its core, is about reincarnation. Meditation is but a tool to contemplate your life and future lives so you can get a grip on making sure you don’t end up getting reincarnated as a fly.

So why this sudden outburst on this issue. It has to do with the Publishing Industry codes assigned to books called “Book Industry Standards and Communications Codes” (BISAC codes). When I went to assign the BISAC for my “Brain Meditation” book I was shocked to discover that ‘meditation’ is buried deep inside the ‘Religion’ category! See below. No big deal but I do NOT consider my book with having ANYTHING to do with religion. It actually says that in the text!


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by Anura Guruge

Two Pilgrimage Bus Crashes This Weekend. 41 Dead. What Gives? This Stuff Really Confounds Me.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access CNN video and article.

Click to access CNN video and article.

Click to access CNN video and article.

Click to access CNN video and article.

One of my favorite movies, albeit from 1980 — partly because this guy reminds me of me. though he is better looking. Click to access IMDB.com data for this brilliant movie.

Of course this is not the first time this has happened. I know that I have heard, just in the last year, of other fatalities involving those returning from pilgrimages — and to be fair, it is religion agnostic.

But, it always confounds me. Yes, yes, I know folks are going to tell me the usual mantra: God does not micro-manage and Free Will. Lets get ‘Free Will’ out of the way. Other than the Free Will of the drivers involved, I don’t think that the passengers had any Will in these disasters. The micro-management part, however, always intrigue me. I assume, though I do not know for sure, that these folks that go on pilgrimages pray when they are at the pilgrimage site. But, what are they praying for?

Though I grew up in a culture, and, moreover, in a household, obsessed with prayer and the ‘taking of vows’ (the next logical step: i.e., ‘I will give you this if you give me that‘), I quickly saw the shortcomings of this philosophy when I was around 18. That is when I stopped being a Buddhist — the religion that I grew up in. So, I basically became areligious — though I am fascinated by religion, those that believe in religion and the protocols of religion. That is why I am (still) an active papal historian, have written 7 books about popes and plan to write another starting in the next month.

Given that I do know the nuts-and-bolts of certain religions, e.g., Christianity and Buddhism, better than most that practice them, some beliefs that some have distress me. I am happy IF those beliefs provide the living with succor and relief. But, given that I am very au fait with purgatory, I cringe when I hear people talking about the recently deceased being with God. That is not what the ‘church’ (with a capital ‘C’ or otherwise) teaches. Lets not forget that just 2 weeks ago ‘the Church’ said that you can reduce the amount of time you spent in purgatory if you followed the Pope’s tweets from Brazil! Lucky for me, I don’t have to worry about such stuff.

This stuff does bother me, because I do think. I do analyze. I do try to rationalize. To me things have to make sense — which is why I love the movie above. That movie makes sense.

Anyway. Not trying to upset anyone. Just what goes through my mind. Think about it. Thinking is good. Thinking, as far as I am concerned, is the second greatest physical pleasure in life — next to sex, of course (while thinking during sex is divine).