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My Latest Camera — An Argus C3

by Anura Guruge

This is, by far, the MOST complicated camera I have touched in
the last 2 years. Makes the Nikon D500, that I recently rented,
feel like a toy. Not sure what kind of sensor it has or how
good its autofocus is.

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It is an Argus C3. I don’t ever remember seeing one of these prior to today. It is called the ‘Brick’ and that is NOT just for its physical dimensions. It weighs MORE than a brick. WOW. We have forgotten how much mechanical cameras weighed. Feels SOLID. Just like holding a brick. A kind lady in Wolfeboro had in on Facebook — for free. Deanna contacted her. Belonged to her late husband. Came with the instruction booklet. Would be cool to put a roll of film and take some pictures. Wonder what ISO would work.


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by Anura Guruge