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TDS Telecom’s 1 Gigabit Internet To Alton, N.H. Delayed Until ‘Spring’ 2016.

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by Anura Guruge

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delayed221Having been with TDS for nearly 6 years (starting off with Union Tel. which was acquired by TDS) I think I know TDS better than most that work for TDS.

So when I was told (maybe even ‘promised’) 1 Gigabit Internet in Alton, New Hampshire by October 2015 — with the possibility of being able to beta test it in august 2015 — I took it with a LARGE grain of salt. I just knew it was too good to be true. Lets face it. TDS had been promising me 25Mbps Internet for years and that never came.

That is why, after some intense agonizing, I went with MetroCast’s 75Mbps in January of this year. Other than the 2 weeks of HELL I went through in late February when the service was either down or slow, they have, to my immense surprise and delight, managed to maintain a very stable service with NO bandwidth degradation. Yes, it is true that I use my own ARRIS/Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 to get maximum channel bonding. That said, I have not seen any significant bandwidth drop even on a Saturday night. So I am happy with the MetroCast 75Mbps. Credit where credit is due.

That said I decided to get a 15Mbps Fiber connection from TDS in ADDITION to my 75Mbps from MetroCast! 

More on that on a different post SOON.

But while ordering the 15Mbps AND DISH (via TDS because I will get a $100 bill credit next month for doing that) I got the scoop on the 1 Gigabit.

It has been delayed. No surprise. I knew that was inevitable. There are now talking ‘Spring’ 2016 BUT somebody else, in the field, said ‘this time next year’ — meaning June.

Appears that there is some politics at play to do with Towns and the monopoly agreement that carriers sign with them.

Seems Chichester, N.H., now has 1 Gigabit as does New London.

I also got a PRICE. It will be around $123/month BEFORE taxes.

I will keep you posted.