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9-Year Old ‘Gay’ Boy Asking Help From Pete Buttigieg — What THE HECK Is Happening?

by Anura Guruge

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the first from the U.K. ‘Daily Mail’ & 2nd ‘New York Post’.

I saw this last night. I was beside myself. It is so, SO, SO WRONG — morally wrong — on so many fronts.

I think Pete did semi-OK, but not great. Yes, it must have been a shock (unless he got a heads-up beforehand). THIS WAS WRONG. This should never have happened. Pete, should have had a BETTER answer.

I am approaching this as a father of 4, three daughters & one son — ranging from 31 to 13. (So, given that I have a 13-year old, it wasn’t that long ago that she was 9).

This is WRONG!

There is no way, in hell, that a 9-year old should be talking about orientation!

NO. NOPE. Not bloody right.

9-years old.

A 9-year old should NOT KNOW about sexual orientation.

What has happened to US.

Plus, his hormones haven’t kicked in — as yet.

He is prepubescent.

I am in shock.

His parents should be talking to Child Services. There is something WRONG here.

OK. You know what I am getting at.

This is WRONG. Bloody wrong.

9-year old. No. No. NO.

Pete, you should have DONE BETTER.

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by Anura Guruge

Senior, Long Tenured Alton Central School (ACS) Teacher Claims NO Cognizance Of School Board Meetings!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I happened to meet this teacher, away from school, yesterday evening and as is my wont I struck up a conversation. I will not identify the teacher and to even preclude gender identification will refer to the teacher as ‘M. T.’ for Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. Teacher.

I had met ‘M. T.’ before. So, as is my wont of late, I eventually brought up ‘Common Core‘ and the implications thereof. As was to be expected ‘M.T.’ had lot to say about the matter and the Board’s decision to cast a vote against it, though what that meant nobody is sure.

ShockgsI asked ‘M.T.’ as to why teachers like him did NOT attend School Board meetings where C.C. was being discussed — and especially the August workshop which had a special section devoted to ‘C.C’.

‘M.T.’ knocked my socks off by saying that ACS teachers were NOT aware of School Board meetings, when they take place, or what transpires at them!


Talk about being GOBSMACKED. 

Now ‘M.T.’ is not a spring chicken.  But, I am sure ‘M.T.’ is younger than me — as most people are.

If Deanna can find ACS School Board meeting schedules, postings, agendas and YouTube ‘tapings’ you surely would think that ACS teachers would be able to do the same — albeit, Deanna being very good at finding things on the Web.

So, I ask, still in shock, how we can rectify this. ‘M.T.’ says I SHOULD ask the Principal, Sydney Leggett, to post a notice in the Teacher’s Lounge. [As it happened, I saw Mrs. Leggett, serendipitously, when I dropped by the SAU office this afternoon, around 1 pm, to file, yet another, ‘Right to Know’ form. I asked Mrs. Leggett to oblige. I will follow-up with an e-mail.]


This was October 9, 2013.

I felt as if I was back in 1973.

How low-tech. Please ask the Principal to post a paper notice in our lounge. How quaint.

No e-mail. No Facebook. Nothing electronic. Nothing fancy. Just a paper notice.


So many things I can say, BUT I will abstain.

I really have no axe to grind with the ACS teachers. Most of them do a bang up job in what I think are trying conditions. So I don’t want to cause them any additional discomfort.

I will just be on Mrs. Leggett’s case to make sure that the Teachers know about the Board meetings.


Will Power Is The Absolute Worse Way To Diet And Hope To Lose Weight!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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If you stop and think about it it will become obvious that will power is definitely the wrong way to go about dieting — the keyword, however, being ‘THINK‘.

befriendbrainThe ‘power’ in will power is a notion of strength, contention, enforcement. So, when you talk about ‘will power‘ upon who are you trying to enforce your will? If you think for a second, it will become obvious. Will power, cut to the chase, is us trying to control our brain! Will power is us fighting our brain. That is crazy. You seen those movies where they have the two heads talking to each other; the good and the evil. But, that is not what it really is. There is your conscious brain — which is what most of us think of as ‘us’. Everything we see, do, say, smell, touch, feel all comes from that. That is a part of our brain. There is another part that most ignore. You have to befriend that part. Once you have made friends with that part, your ‘real brain’ as I think of it, life gets so, so much easier. You don’t fight your brain as in will power. You make a polite request to your brain.

Yes, to be able to do that you need to be best friends with your brain — what I talked about in this post. If you have made progress on this, then the rest is easy.

Don’t try to use will power on your brain. You are fighting yourself. Instead, ask the brain nicely to help you. Seems to work. But, to be fair, my brain and I have been good friends for 40 years now and we know each other extremely well. So much so that I can talk with him in shorthand. He understands. So, I did have a quick chat with him last week. Last Tuesday. Told him that our one year ‘treat’ was over and we need to lose weight. So far, so good. Yes, very early days. But, I have a very good track record of losing weight, quickly, when I set myself to do it — meaning I get around to actually telling my brain.

Just something to share. Yes, I am very familiar with Oscar Wilde’s saying: ‘I have a very good will power, I can resist anything but temptation‘. Yes, I jokingly use that line, but knowing deep down that will power plays no role.