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Al Gore ‘The Future’ Book Signing In Concord, NH: What I Learned.


Anura Guruge

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These were the main things I learned from yesterday’s ‘The Future‘ book signing in Concord. My overall sentiment was one of profound sadness: credibility compromised for commercialism.

Al Gore, though BAM was hoping he would only speak for 20 minutes, spoke for 30 minutes. BAM only permitted four questions from the audience, randomly (or they said) picked. I actually learned quite a bit from one of the questions. I will point that out.

So here, in very pithy form, are my takeaways, from yesterday, more or less in the order they registered in my brain. I did not take notes.

>> :: Privacy :: Dictionary.com places 243 cookies on your computer to track your Web surfing trends.
[Since I do use Dictionary.com, with increasing annoyance with their blatant intrusions, I checked this as soon as I got back. He was right. It might be 230 cookies, but they are using me as a cookie jar. I had it on my bookmark toolbar. I deleted it. I will not use it again. I replaced it with Wicktionary. Not the same, but will do. Plus, it will force me to do something that I have been remiss in doing for the last couple of years: reaching down and picking up my beloved ‘Oxford Concise Dictionary’. Thank You, Al Gore.]

>> :: Privacy :: The U.S. Government is currently spending billions developing a system that vacuums up ALL of our electronic transactions, including e-mails, Tweets and posts so that they can be electronically analyzed, if needed, to check what we have said and done in the past.
[I did not check this, but I know that this has been talked about. I have always assumed that all of this data was captured and stored. I have known, since the 1970s, that all phone calls to/from the U.S. were recorded and stored. So, to me this is nothing new. I always work under the assumption that Big Brother is watching me.]

>> :: Wealth Inequality :: 6 descendents of the two Walton brothers who created Walmart are worth more than the 100 million Americans at the very bottom of the wealth pyramid; so 6 = 100,000,000.
[I wasn’t shocked. I checked. It is on Wikipedia. Yes, these 6 are worth [albeit per the vagaries of the Walmart stock price], $102.7 BILLION (B).]

>> :: Genetic Engineering & Shift In World Power :: China is spending billions on genetic engineering, even working on ways to change the IQs of unborn babies. Al thinks that China or India will overtake the U.S. in the future as the #1 superpower. He thinks later than sooner.
[I am not surprised. I think the shift will occur sooner than what Al thinks. Just keep an eye on China’s space program.]

>> :: Global Warming :: We are now releasing the equivalent of 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day, 365 days per year, in terms of burnt hydrocarbon energy into the atmosphere each day.[I looked it up. But Gore is the ultimate hypocrite. That ‘The Future’ is in hardcover only proves that. I do NOT believe that global warming, if true, is due to humans! I also now know that the Earth is losing MASS. That is a much bigger issue and most, including Gore, don’t even know about it, let alone understand it. I will talk about it here, soon.]

>> :: Bloody China :: This was from the 1st Question asked yesterday:: China is spending $2xx million a year processing ivory!
[I checked. There appears to be a basis — same as the Philippines that I have railed about on my Pope blog. We can’t boycott China and I shudder because I do have some Chinese in me: my fraternal grandmother was 25% Chinese. Maybe after Chinese New Year I will stop eating Chinese, especially now that I have dramatically cut back on carbs.]

>> :: Global Warming :: Lakes Huron and Michigan are at their lowest known levels.

>> :: Robots Running The World :: Robots will soon be able to create new robotic capabilities.[Yes, and pigs will fly. I do know some about AI. I have dabbled in AI for 4 decades. No, we have yet to make that pivotal AI breakthrough to impart self-learning and creativity into machines.]