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COVID Vaccination Management System, ‘VAMS’, As Bad As Original ‘HealthCare.gov’ — Another SCAM!

by Anura Guruge

Click on image to read my post.

I gave up on VAMS, i.e., the U.S. Federal Government ‘Vaccine Administration Management System’, within 5-minutes of logging on, earlier this week, when it could not get me a vaccination appointment outside of 6-weeks. I could tell, even on first use, that VAMS was struggling.

Then today our Governor, Chris Sununu, said that VAMS is FLAWED & that New Hampshire will develop its own system! Pigs will fly.

This is another SCAM. The U.S. Government getting scammed by unscrupulous companies & INSIDE officials.

The U.S. has ALL of the world’s leading software companies! The U.S. knows how to create software.

But, Federal INSIDERS scam US the tax payers. They give contracts out to their ‘friends’. SMILE. We end up with useless software.

This needs to be looked into.

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by Anura Guruge

“A Quiet Place” Movie (2018) — Breathtakingly Bad; I Refuse To Stay Quiet About It.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the IMDb.com listing for this movie.

With Halloween nearly upon us, Teischan (12) wanted to see a ‘real’ horror movie. She picked this after having seen trailers for it online. I had never heard of it, but was happy to indulge her — and, furthermore, it was available on Amazon Video for $4.99 (in HD).

Well, she was suitably petrified and as such impressed. But, even SHE noticed some of the blatant flaws in the premise of this story and the plot.

It is just plain unrealistic. Too many holes. Not at all logical. Leaves you very unsatisfied. Shame. They could have done better if they had given the storyline some thought.

Do NOT recommend unless you want to spend 90-minutes watching a totally mindless movie.

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by Anura Guruge

My Red Wine Is Doing Me A Power Of Good Per U.K. “Daily Mail” Study.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the U.K. “Daily Mail” story.

Annotated Graphic.

Click to ENLARGE and ADMIRE.

Per this study I am GOLDEN — but I knew that all along. So, there really wasn’t anything new here as far as I was concerned. But, I am glad, Affirmation is always nice.


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by Anura Guruge

The True Dangers Of Consuming Coconut Oil Finally Exposed — Quite Dramatically.

by Anura Guruge

Having grown up in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in the 1950s — 1960s I have ALWAYS known the true health dangers of coconut oil. People in the U.S. sometimes get coconut milk confused with coconut oil. Coconut milk is CLEAR and comes from inside the nut. Coconut oil is MADE from the thick white ‘meat’ inside of the coconut, attached to the shell.

Ceylon used to have an extremely high incidence of heart disease and by my time it was well known and understood that it was because we cooked everything in coconut oil.

Coconut oil is mainly saturated fat. There are no ‘if and buts’ about that.

I never understood how anybody, in good faith, could claim that coconut oil can be good for you. That was rank nonsense.

At last sense is prevailing. I am glad. I am so fed up arguing with people about this.

Yes, I do use coconut oil and we have some large jars of it. I used it on my head!

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by Anura Guruge

WARNING: Amazon’s “Prime Photos” Can & Will Lose Photos! I Lost 192 Yesterday.

by Anura Guruge

Do NOT use Amazon’s “Prime Photos” IF you
do NOT want randomly lose photos!

I lost 192 photos yesterday.



You have now been WARNED.



Yesterday I told you, categorically, that Amazon’s “Prime Photos” was not ready for Prime Time.

That was before I discovered that Amazon had JUST LOST 192 pictures that I had uploaded and even put into two albums.

And that is the really SCARY part.

It allowed me to create two albums using the uploaded pictures.

I, of course, checked the albums when they were created.

Had the right number of pictures and the pictures were there.

Four hours later when I was going through the albums again Amazon said that these two albums were EMPTY — no photos.

That is unacceptable.

Luckily I had not deleted my original photos on my PC.

This is SCARY.

I have stopped using Amazon “Prime Photos”.

Be Aware.

Be very AFRAID.

Stay clear.


And I am an Amazon shareholder. So, I really do want Amazon to do well. I live off my Amazon shares! So when I say don’t use it you should take notice. {SMILE}

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by Anura Guruge

Sorry To Say That Amazon’s “Prime Photos” Is Not Ready For Prime Time — By A Long Chalk.

by Anura Guruge


If you read this blog on a regular basis you will know that I am HUGE fan and customer of Amazon. I, in addition to also publishing most of my recent books through Amazon, happen to be a very happy Amazon shareholder. There is not a day that goes by when Amazon is not a part of my life.

Thus it genuinely grieves me to inform you that ‘Amazon Prime Photos’, at present SUCKS.

It is quite PATHETIC.

What is the main problem. It does NOT have the capacity to handle the load. Basically it is having trouble coping with the user load — especially with Amazon also coping with Black Friday/Cyber Monday traffic.

Hopefully down the road Amazon will fix this. They just need to increase capacity.

‘Amazon Prime Photos’ appears to be based on Snapfish.

Right now it is real difficult to upload photos! Not funny.

I have managed, over 2 days, with MULTIPLE retries to load 3,602 photos. It is so slow and error-prone.

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by Anura Guruge

Fuji ‘X’ June 9 Firmware Updates — First Real Problem, 50-140 Lens.

by Anura Guruge

This looks bad. Kind of had the feeling that any problems would show up in ‘less used’ products, particularly lenses, and that seems to be the case here.

Scary. You feel so helpless. When this happens you are ‘DEAD IN THE WATER’.

Poster is now reflecting that MAYBE he should have waited ‘for the dust to settle’. I already decided to wait till Monday (rather than Sunday). SMILE.

As an ol’ programmer I consider this atrocious programming. Rather than displaying ‘Firmware Broken‘ at least have the decency to ROLL BACK the update, get the lens to a semi-operable state and say “Update failed. Reinstall previous Firmware Version’. But I, for 40 years, have NEVER considered the Japanese to be very good programmers! Think about it. What has Japan done on the SOFTWARE front? Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter … List goes on. Good with hardware.

From DPReview.com’sFujifilm X System/SLR Talk‘ Forum.



Click to ENLARGE and read here. post/57898097 at the Forum (see above link).

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by Anura Guruge

Sri Lanka Umpire Kumar Dharmasena’s LBW Of New Zealand Guptill vs. India In ICCWT20 SHOCKING!

by Anura Guruge

kumarshocking2nd ball. It was high and missing leg. What was Kumar Dharmasena or more to the point not thinking?

Diabolical. Shocking.

Was HE cheating? Is he on the make? How much was the LBW worth … $100,000?

That was bad. I like New Zealand BUT I wouldn’t class myself a mega NZ fan, but this annoyed me, no end.

Kumar, of late, is coming across as a poser. Very concerned about looking cool. Well this wasn’t cool.

Yes, we all make mistakes BUT in umpiring we are also all told about caution, doubt, benefit of the doubt.

They should think very carefully about letting him stand again in this important Championship.

I am sure New Zealand will lodge a complaint.

In the meantime I will hang my head in shame.

Talking of New Zealand I had NO IDEA that Martin Crowe had died. WOW. I liked him. Great cricketer. 10 years younger than I. Wow. Doesn’t seem right. I will miss him.

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by Anura Guruge

Sri Lankans Accusing India Of Cheating After 3rd T20I ‘Is Not Cricket’.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE. Results from ‘cricinfo.com’.

Click to ENLARGE and read here.
From ‘cricinfo.com‘.


A Sri Lankan posted the (at very top) “Indian Cricket the Real Face (Exposed)” video on Facebook on February 14, 2016. I immediately knew that it must have been in reaction to the India vs Sri Lanka 3rd T20I that too place that day in Visakhapatnam (India). I had not watched it yet but given how badly India thrashed Sri Lanka in the 2nd T20I, after SL’s surprisingly easy win in the 1st I had a feel that Sri Lankans were not happy about the result.

I finished watching the 3rd T20I yesterday. Yes, there were two (2) bad UMPIRING DECISIONS — and yes, both umpires were Indian. Actually there were a couple more questionable decisions but these two, that I ‘spell out’ above were what would have riled Sri Lankans.

The implication that MS Dhoni cheated because he appealed is not right. I was kind of surprised because he also broke the wicket to try and get a stumping — BUT he appealed for ‘caught behind’. IF it was a catch WHY did he bother to break the stumps. You can’t be out caught & stumped. The appeal, however, was instinctive. He didn’t stop and think about it. MS Dhoni has a hard-earned and well-deserved reputation for ONLY appealing when he thinks the batsman is out. He got it wrong this time BUT I for one don’t think he was cheating!

For a start the Indians had NO reason to cheat. Sri Lanka were 7 for 54 in the 11 over. Plus this was NOT a Test Match or an ODI. It was a T20I.

It was bad umpiring. I also don’t think the umpires were cheating. Yes, it would have been better if we had neutral umpires BUT that debate is now done and dusted. ICC umpires have to much at stake to want to cheat. TV replays highlight their decisions and they are rated for how well they did. Mistakes like this cost them in ranking — which translates into the fixtures they will be allowed to umpire in the future — and as such FUTURE income. That is the biggest motivator UNLESS of course they stand to make ‘millions’ on match fixing!

I am pretty harsh about match fixing and cheating — in the game that I love and have loved for 5 decades. But in this case I will NOT even come close to even thinking that the Indians cheated. They bowled well. There was some turn in the pitch and quite a few of the Sri Lankans batted LIKE I USED TO BAT! Smile.

I would like to SCRAP DRS and instead, in every Test, ODI and T20I, have each appeal and decision reviewed to avoid errors.

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by Anura Guruge

Picture Quality Of CNBC On Dish Is Beyond Atrocious — Worse Than SD.

directvdish1212.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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cnbcdish12121As I posted here, 3 weeks ago, I noticed that the Dish HD picture quality, on our two HD TVs, was far, far, far inferior to that of DirecTV.

Kind of came as a shock since we had switched from DirecTV to Dish — and the two TVs were the same.

I remember, from 2 years ago, that we all noticed that the DirecTV picture quality was ‘infinitely’ better than that of Dish, when we switched from Dish to DirecTV. [Yes, the 2 year contract game.]

I also know that this inferior picture quality has to do with Dish transmitting LESS bandwidth (and as such ‘lines’) for certain channels OUTSIDE of Prime Time. Yes, CNN on Dish at 10pm can look dazzling. The difference is that CNN and all other channels with DirecTV looked that good ALL of the time.

Though I turn on CNBC on TV, as soon as I wake up (around 8:20 am), I don’t really watch it. I listen to it while I read the news on the U.K. “Daily Mail” on my Pad.

This morning I had a real close look at CNBC per Dish.


Its was dreadful. Grainy, out of focus and at a resolution far below SD — never mind HD. Now if I was getting this on an Internet connection you could blame connection speed. But I am getting this BROADCAST down from a satellite. So I can’t control the bandwidth.

This is bad. Very bad. Dish should be ashamed.