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‘C & K Restaurant’, Derry [N.H.] — Great Food, Wonderful Folks, Greek Cuisine, & You Can Have A BALL.

by Anura Guruge

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We had a BALL.

A great, fun, convivial dining experience. Everything was good. Helen (from Greece), the co-owner’s wife served us and tool wonderful care of us. Made sure that it was memorable and that we would come back again — though it is well off the beaten trail for us. She was so good and persuasive that she even got me to break my diet and have some rice pudding — which she had made. It was delicious. Now I will have to starve myself for a week, but it was worth it. SMILE.

We found it serendipitously.

We had gone to an Estate Sale in Windham, on Route 28. We were done by 1:45. Got to Derry and 2pm and was looking for a place for lunch.

This place is big and dominates the Main Street, with plenty of off-road parking. So, we gave it a spin.

Sure glad we did.

Between us we had: calamari (good), coconut shrimp (v. good), chicken tenders (more than ample), grilled lamb (outstanding), baked haddock (v. good) & soup of the day (good) with side salads. It was very good.

Teischan had the baklava and I the rice pudding. It was all very good.

We have already promised to go back.

Highly recommended. Two thumbs up.

Make sure you ask for ‘Helen’. She says she is there everyday — Monday to Saturday. They are closed Sundays.

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by Anura Guruge

We Went To The Dover Greek Fest On Saturday, August 31. It was a BLAST. Great People. Lamb Was Divine!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I wasn’t going to miss this. I had been thinking about the lamb shank for a week. I earned that lamb shank! Working like a crazy person is more or less the norm for me. But this last month had been even crazier trying and succeeding in getting out 2 books in print, 230 tightly formatted pages, within the month — in addition to updating the eBook versions. So I was ready for that lamb shank. It was good. Exquisitely and delicately spiced. Very tender. Fell off the bone with the lightest touch of the plastic fork. These Hellenists know how to cook their lamb.

The kids discovered another treat. Baklava Sundaes. Decadance in a plastic bowl for $3. I refrained. I didn’t even have the rice that came with the shank. But the kids had a Baklava Sundae each. Genius.

The Fest was at the Dover Hellenic Center on Longhill Road. First time we had been there or even knew it existed, Large building on a HUGE tract of land. Kind of tucked away. We found Longhill Road by luck. That worked out. We had thought it was closer to town — but as we were driving into Dover, from Rochester, on the ‘back road’, Deanna happened to see the road sign that said ‘Longhill’. From that point on they had good signage for the Fest. Very well done.

Nice bunch of people. Teischan’s piano teacher, Siroun Braun, was there. She is the one, in the red top, in the gallery above — talking to Deanna and Devanee. She is the one who told us about it. The priest (Proistamenos) of the (beautiful) Dover ‘Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church‘, approached me and thanked me for my post on the Fest. Siroun had sent him the link. You can see him in the very first picture, in glasses, serving food.

Altogether we had a GREAT TIME. Missed the live band. But, we will be going next year.

At the fest I got to meet with iconographer D.C. Christopher Gosey, an ex-architect from Texas, who now lives in Manchester and has been painting mesmerizing icons for the last couple of decades. He is the one that painted most of the icons in the breathtaking Dover ‘Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church‘. It really was an honor and pleasure to meet him. He also does a lot of Ethiopian icons. I hope to bring you more of his work in the future. Mr. Gosey take a well deserved bow. Here are some examples of his work, though these pictures really don’t do him the justice he deserves.

Dover (N.H.) Greek Fest 2103: Friday – Sat., August 30 – 31, Longhill Road. We Are Hoping To Go.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Aaahhhh! Mouth watering.

Anura Guruge

We used to go the Laconia Greek Festival without fail when we lived in Gilford. We have also been to the big festival in Portsmouth though that was a few years ago.

Teischan’s piano teacher, Siroun Braun, is very heavily involved with this Fest and has been singing its praises for months. Tesichan’s second piano recital was at the at the exquisite ‘Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church’ in Dover that is presenting this Fest.

We are definitely hoping to go. The sheep shanks are only on Saturday. So that is when I will be there. I like pork, but I have a thing for sheep (lamb) and mutton (goat). Won’t eat the rice. Teischan will probably have that. But, I have my eye on at least two (maybe more) shanks. Though I adore Baklava I will be giving it the miss again — as I did this year at the Laconia Multicultural Day (for the first time in my life). 

So checkout their Website. They do have a schedule of sorts. They will also have live music on Saturday and we are all partial to Greek music. 

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Link to Greek Fest Website below.