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The Incomparable, Amazing, Bucket Loads Of Fun, “Blues Brothers The Next Generation” Regales Wolfeboro, NH.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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All pictures by Deanna.

After seeing them in Wolfeboro on New Year’s Eve this year (and staying for 2.5 of their 3 performances that night)
we are what we consider ‘their greatest fans
(though others might disagree).

To say that they are ‘good’ is facile. They are way beyond that.
‘Brilliant’ is more like it.

They put on an amazing SHOW.
It is more than a concert.

It is vaudeville by three very gifted young men.

They sing, they dance, they prance around,
they crack jokes (though here they could get better),
they engage the crowd and ‘Jake‘, the BIG guy,
shamelessly flirts with the ladies.

It was PERFECT for Wolfeboro, the U. S. of A’s oldest Summer Resort,
last night; the first of their free, Saturday night bandstand performances.

By 7 pm, after what had been a very hot day, the temperature was beginning to moderate
(though the boys, bravely dressed in their trademark black suits,
as they should, and as they must, perspired profusely).
There was a beautiful breeze blowing
from a picture perfect Winnipesaukee. There were quite a few boats,
and the boys, thoughtful as ever, had a speaker pointed at the boats.

It was great fun. Deanna bopped, non-stop,  for 2 hours.
I haven’t seen her do that in years.

I danced as I had at their New Year’s Eve concert.

All the kids were mesmerized.

The Band is exceptional. I would think that the drummer is easily the best in NH
(though he might be from MA).

Overall the MOST FUN group in NH — hands down
(and as anybody who reads this blog knows
we go to a LOT of events).

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get them gigs all over the State.

We should have them in Alton, but the woman who ‘runs’ Parks & Recs. ignores my e-mails.

Here is their multimedia Website.

They are playing in Laconia August 10.

Book them for your wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
They will make it beyond memorable.

Thank YOU, BBNG.

Thank YOU, Wolfeboro, NH — for the 2nd time
given that the ‘Fairy Houses‘ were great too.